Village residents show green thumbs

Peter Greenfield's winning garden from Oak Tree Yeppoon.

Oak Tree Retirement Villages in Central Queensland are extremely grateful to Rockhampton Regional Council deputy Mayor Neil Fisher for judging the overall winners in their recent garden competitions.

“What a great effort, being that he took the time to wander around over 100 gardens in our four villages in both Rockhampton and Yeppoon,” Yeppoon and Capricorn Coast manager Jenny Brown said.

Cr Fisher’s selections included: John and Estelle Lindsay from the Capricorn Coast Village, Dawn Dobby from the Norman Gardens Village and Peter Greenfield from the Yeppoon Village.

When it came to the Park Avenue Village, Cr Fisher found it hard to select just one winner, saying Luigi Crane and Norma Barnham were tied at the hip.

Other categories were selected by Jenny Brown for the Rockhampton villages and Kyha Parmenter for the coast villages.

“We both had an impossible task deciding on the winners of each of the categories,” Jenny said.

“All our residents should be so proud of their gardens to us they are all winners.”

Most colourful: Veronica Stuart (Park Avenue), Beth Lockyer, Allan Phillips (Capricorn Coast), Al and Margaret Atwell (Yeppoon)

Waterwise: Beryl Montgomerie (Park Avenue), Coral Stokes (Norman Gardens), Terry McNeil (Capricorn Coast), Robyn Ross (Yeppoon)

Pots and Patios: Colleen Toon (Park Avenue), Meredith Roser (Norman Gardens), Gladys Morse (Capricorn Coast), Sylvia Greenhow (Yeppoon)

Village managers Kyha Parmenter (Norman Gardens), Jacki Duncan (Park Avenue) and Jenny Brown (Yeppoon and Capricorn Coast) will present the winners with certificates and small gifts.