Industry thriving

By Jackie Dobson

Seventy-five Gladstone region businesses and organisations have reported returning to pre-Covid levels of trading.

Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry judge Joe Smith said many businesses told him they were performing better than before Covid restrictions were put in place.

“This is really encouraging for the Gladstone region,” he said.

“Obviously, there are some industries that have been more affected than others, but quite a lot of businesses have returned to normal.”

Mr Smith said there are a few things that led to that.

“Gladstone has quite a number of large industries operating in the area and most of those guys have managed to keep their operations running pretty close to normal,” he said.

“What comes of that is the small engineering and manufacturing businesses actually get quite a bit of work from the larger industries as well so that has a flow on effect.

“Gladstone’s property market is also going quite well, houses haven’t been staying on the market very long, they have been selling quite quickly.

“All of that works together to show that Gladstone has performed quite well over the past six or eight months.”

Anything relating to tourism has suffered a drop.

“Tourism is doing it really tough because they’ve missed out on international travel, but local tourism businesses had little bit of help due to travel restrictions,” he said.

“Retail businesses are finding it a little tough, but they already were finding it a little tough before Covid. I think this is a global issue, not so much a local issue.”

Mr Smith said if Queensland don’t have any more restrictions put in place and things continue to go to plan, the Gladstone region has quite a positive outlook for next year.

The success of Gladstone regional businesses were celebrated at the 2020 CGGI Annual Gala Dinner on Saturday, 7 November.