Leave Skippy alone

Wildlife Officers checking pouch for young. Photos: contributed.

by Gympie Today

Residents and near neighbours of Maaroom on the Fraser Coast, are urged to keep their distance from local kangaroos following attacks in the past year.

Wildlife Officers from the Department of Environment and Science (DES) and the Fraser Coast Regional Council are closely monitoring the eastern grey kangaroos, which are living in the local area.

Manager Southern Wildlife Operations Frank Mills said a recent community meeting highlighted concerns among the residents.

“In response to community concerns, we have captured and relocated a number of kangaroos that are responsible for injuring people.

“We have held community meetings with local residents to provide advice, listen to their concerns and we’re working with the Fraser Coast Regional Council on additional mitigation methods.

“The kangaroos are moving between nearby bushland and into the residential area, and they’re feeding on grass growing in the resident’s yards.

“At the community meetings, we have received advice that some residents have been feeding the kangaroos, which can change the way the kangaroos interact with people.

“We also received information that some residents are using gel-blasters to move the kangaroos on, while others are trying to run them over in their cars.

“This type of behaviour is not only an offence but will cause stress to the animals and bring them into conflict with other local residents, so we’re advising all Maaroom residents that kangaroos can behave unpredictably and to stay away from them.”

Mr Mills said increased access to natural and human-provided food, including lawns, has contributed to increasing the population of kangaroos.

“Residents are advised to keep their distance from the kangaroos, to treat them with caution and to retreat if they approach.

“Wildlife officers, in conjunction with council, will install warning signs and provide ongoing education to residents and visitors to the nearby caravan park.

“We will continue to monitor the kangaroos, and we ask all residents to do what they can to help reduce interactions with the kangaroos.”