Duncan Scott in profile

Independent candidate for Flynn Duncan Scott.

After running in six Federal elections and two State elections, there’s no arguing that Duncan Scott is a man with a fighting spirit.

The Independent candidate for Flynn said he wanted to give the voters another option after the local government amalgamations.

If Duncan could describe himself, he would say he is a “simple bloke who lives in a tin shed and cares for the community as a whole”.

“I am a 52-year-old farmer from Wowan,” he said.

“I am not fancy, I have lived in a tin shed home for the past 24 years.

“I took over the dairy part of the family farm in 1987 and succeeded as the smallest dairy in Queensland until 2010 until a major international company did not want our milk; too small.”

“Through droughts and floods, I have persevered with a positive attitude and always came out the other side, I am not one to back down from a challenge and I will work tirelessly until I achieve what I set out to do.

“Taking the honour to run in this election seriously, I had to resign from my Queensland Government Senior Forest Ranger job along with losing 10 weeks of long service pay.

“I would like to thank the 120 voters who nominated me this election and the 1346 voters who supported me last election.”

Duncan’s resume reads nothing like a politician’s.

He has been a dairy farmer for 23 years, a building labourer for one year, a forest overseer casual for six and a half years, a forest ranger permeant for four years, and part of the Army Reserves for 25 years.

Duncan wanted to be a dairy farmer like his parents, or join the Army, when he grew up, not get involved in politics.

Duncan said he gets his strength to run each election from the voters who have said to me that they voted for him by putting a two in his box after one in their preferred major party box.

He believes he would be the best candidate for Flynn because he cares about both the rural and regional areas.

Duncan describes himself as a practical person who hates waste such as all the political advertising that could have built the Mount Morgan pipeline many times over.

When asked why he runs as an Independent, he says, “My mistakes are my mistakes, no donations, stand on my two feet, not behind anyone”.

Duncan said he does not believe in party politics “when they put down and bully each other”. “They give a good example of how our kids should not behave like,” he said.

Duncan believes this election is different to others.

“It is a cranky crowd out there,” he said.

“Now that we realize that the government controls us and we don’t control the government, they are looking for any options where they feel they have more say.”

He has a 19-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old son.

Duncan said his family are supportive of him as he runs for Flynn.

He grew up on a dairy farm, halfway between Wowan and Dululu.

Duncan has an older sister and brother.

He is involved in the Mount Morgan Rugby union club, Wowan RSL, was in the Rural Fire and SES, Dirty Rascals Play Group and Wowan Play Group, Wowan Show, St Francis P and F.

Duncan loves Rugby Union, and has played over 700 games in 37 seasons.

He also loves strategic games such as chess, and reading non-fiction.

“By myself I am as useless as teats on a bull, but with the help of like-minded councillors we can make a positive difference to the community,” Duncan said.

“I hope to highlight the issues not making the headlines such as loss of services to small towns, water to mount Morgan, the Tamil family, workers losing their jobs to mandates, and the money wasted on the Bruce and Capricorn highway projects that has come about by making poor quality roads and not creating four lanes while they have the equipment and staff on site.”

He said he would also have a mobile office travel around the electorate.