UpCycle CQ seek new home

Upcycle CQ founder Jim Callan can often be found collecting unwanted items for upcycling

By Trish Bowman

As activity ramps up for UpCycle CQ, the group, who are set to be registered as an incorporated charity and social enterprise this week are seeking new premises to further expand and incorporate more activity.

Founder and Managing Director of UpCycle CQ, James Callam said life is getting very busy as the group continue to grow in its circular economy activities.

“We have been very active in our breakdown operations to separate and collate materials for future use,” Mr Callum said.

“We will soon begin the next stage of activity with the inclusion of our makers community, where people can come together to share ideas and skills as they upcycle previously unwanted goods that would have otherwise been sent to landfill.

“It is not so much about just getting people to value things, we want them to value add.

“It is about creating a cradle-to-cradle circular philosophy where goods are repurposed back into our community rather than cradle to grave.

“It is also about creating wealth and encouraging people to be innovative.

“The makers space will enable people to get creative in an encouraging environment where others will be on hand to assist with problem solving, sharing ideas and skills.

“If they prefer, people will be able to work alone on their own upcycling projects with others on hand if they need advice, ideas or assistance.

“It will also be a wonderful space for people of all ages looking to engage more with others in a safe and welcoming environment.”

Mr Callam said the group are on the lookout for a suitable space to bring the various elements of the group together.

“We need to find an affordable space in Yeppoon that is secure, has bathroom amenities, storage areas and can accommodate our start-up business,” he said.

“We have tables, chairs, shelving and assorted equipment, we just need a new home as our base.”

Mr Callam who has a broad skill base as teacher, lecturer, entrepreneur, child safety officer, Lions member and mentor to many, but his real passion revolves around continuing to learn more about how he can make a difference to his community and the environment.

“In the past the majority of our waste was bio-organic, today it is quite a different story,” he said.

“In the modern age people love their technology, we have developed a cycle of material culture. When something is broken or no longer used, people become disenchanted and devalue things.

“At UpCycle CQ we encourage people to become innovative and create an environment of makers to keep goods in the use cycle.

“I get excited about the prospect of continuing to expand the not-for-profit group further while educating people about the endless possibilities of use for unwanted goods.

“We could become an environmental tourism hot spot where people can come and take the knowledge of what we are doing back to their own regions.”

Founded in 2019, the group are not just helping to recycle, reuse or repurpose, they are learning new skills, sharing their own skills with others, and helping to reduce waste going to landfill.

If you have a premises or work site sitting empty that could be suitable for UpCycle CQ please contact Mr Callam on 0408 227 578 or email jcallam@upcyclecq.com.au.