Tannum Hook Up almost here

Coby and Scotty with a snodger of a Threadfin

By Darryl Branthwaite

Every now and then you have fishing sessions which are days you remember for ever and Scotty Hillier had that last week when he went out with Coby from Hooked Charters.

Now I’ve known Scotty for a number of years now and this larger-than-life channel seven personality just loves his fishing.

Quite often, when the likes of Creek 2 Coast are being filmed, the fish seem to disappear much to the guide’s disgust and obviously frustrating the film crew as well.

But on this particular day – the whole fishery was on fire!

Right across the region there were some stunning fish being caught and in this instance Coby had put Scotty onto a session to remember.

His grin was so big that only a gob full of lemons would remove it.

Justin Nye and his team at Gladstone Fly and Sportfishing were putting their clients onto the tuna, permit, queenies, barra and more (some days all in the same session), and last week as well when we came off the last quarter lunar phase, with its small tides, very little run and smooth seas.

Check out Gary, a client of Justin’s, and his unique way of swimming his huge Lake Awoonga Barra in glorious conditions.

Friday morning at 7am will see the 26th annual Boyne Tannum HookUp open at Bray Park Boyne Island. This is certainly set to be a lot better than last year with anglers able to wet a line, although the outlook certainly isn’t as good as it has been.

Those real keen anglers with bigger boats will probably be the only ones out front chasing the offshore species while the inshore categories will certainly be well targeted.

Many of the inshore species however are tagged, measured and released such as flathead, bream, whiting, grunter mangrove jack, fingermark and barra.

If you are targeting the likes of jack, fingermark, grunter, and barra, it’s strongly encouraged to get the correct brag mat along, with the sticker or marker for this year, so that you are able to take a digital picture with date and time and you are able to release the fish.

There are also some tagged fish in Lake Awoonga, along with categories for fly fishing, jet fishing, along with self-propelled (kayak) categories.

This is a big weekend. To find out more check out the website www.boynetannumhookup.com.au which is where you can enter as well.

There are no boundaries to this event that I’m aware of but check out the rules.

As for the outlook for this long weekend it ain’t pretty at the time of writing with the S-SE wind strengthening Friday lunch time then maybe dropping back a tad Saturday and rising again Sunday.

It makes you consider the timing of this event which could be better placed later in the year. It’s food for thought as it’s such a great weekend to catch up with mates and rellies.

Make sure you log on with VMR and Coast Guard.

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