Commitment is key

Jasmine Amos is ready for a massive event this weekend.

By Liam Emerton

Two of the most committed athletes in Gladstone will have their chance to show off their hard work this weekend.

Jasmine Amos and Olivia Atanasov have been training for months in preparation for the ICN Sunshine Coast Classic bodybuilding competition.

Both athletes are trained by Whitney Rae and have bonded throughout this incredibly testing adventure.

For athletes of this calibre, they must transform their bodies and lifestyle to produce the best results.

That all takes a massive amount of mental fortitude and determination heading into the tough competition.

The mental aspect may even be the toughest part of the competition as our local athletes are being judged solely on their appearance and more specifically their physique.

Atanasov has been around the fitness game for a while and said this is a great opportunity for her.

“Two years ago I did an ASN 60-day challenge and lost 15kg so that kick-started everything,” she said.

“Covid happened and we all went into lockdown so I found myself a coach.

“I found Whitney, she’s locally based and she looks awesome so I signed up with her and just got started.

“It’s been a year I’ve been with Whitney so I’ve been on comp prep for a year.”

Amos has been on competition preparations a little while shorter than her newfound friend but said the ball started rolling around two years ago.

“Our coach Whitney came into my old work once and I did her hair, so we started talking about it and that was probably about two years ago,” she said.

“And then the time went by and I just started shedding weight after seeing a nutritionist and I thought what more could I do.

“I got in contact with Whitney and that was about six or seven months ago and she told me I’d be ready for Sunshine Coast in April.

“We’ve been prepping since then and now the time is almost here and I’m very excited.”

Amos said it has been an extremely challenging process and it is so personalised that many people may not realise the intense work that each athlete puts their body through.

“It’s been pretty full-on,” she said.

“Everyone’s training can be quite different because you’re building your physique and symmetry which a lot of people don’t understand.

“People think you just need to get big muscles but you actually have to be symmetrical so your shoulders can’t be bigger than your glutes, and your glutes can’t be any bigger than your shoulders.

“You have to fit criteria for each division, so the training is very personalized for the individual.”

Amos said the hardest thing about the entire competitive training process was keeping in the right head space as it can put a massive strain on your mental health.

“The challenging thing is really looking after your mental health as well.

“You’re literally getting up on stage and being judged for what you look like.

“And you’re being compared to the person next to you.

“You have to be strong in the mind to focus on yourself and work on yourself to put the best version of you on stage.

“A lot of that is quite mentally draining and I think a lot of competitors would agree with me on that.”

Atanasov talked about the pair’s newfound friendship that has grown throughout the months that they had been training for.

“We had actually never met before this,” said Atanasov.

“We met each other at a posing class with Whitney and since then we’ve become super close.

“It’s definitely a new friendship that I am grateful for.

“We both keep each other motivated and we’re messaging each other all the time.

“Even just seeing each other’s progress, because we are competing with each other and against each other, it keeps us motivated together.”

The goal for Olivia Atanasov is a pro card while Jasmine Amos is looking to rank in the top five for the first-timers competition.