From the Central Queensland fairways


On Monday 15 February, 50 members played in an American Foursomes event and enjoyed lunch for Opening Day at the Rockhampton Golf Club.

Many of the members indicated that they enjoyed playing something different to the single events, however a few weren’t that happy about the game. Not everyone will like all the games we play, but don’t take some of the games too seriously and just enjoy it as a fun day.

Our winners of the day were Ralph Minter and Greg Jones with 73.25, while the runners-up were Bob Glinka and Evan Fenning with 73.625.

Rundown: Bob Blair and John Barrie 73.75; John Klosterman and John Seeman 74.125; David Donaldson and Lorry Donaldson 74.5; Kathy Jaques and Kathy Davidson 75.25; Don Bunt and Merv Price 75.375; and Des Pill and Col McKendry.

Pin shots: Number 2 – Des King and Stan Winter I.T.H., number 7 – Des Pill and Col Mckendry I.T.H., number 11 – the Jolt voucher was won by David Bock and Peter Dawson 58 centimetres. Jacq Sale 1m 94cm won the Ladies nearest, while on number 18 it was Bob Blair and John Barrie with 6cm.

Next week’s game is a 4B Aggregate.

The first of the tri-series between North Rockhampton, Yeppoon and Rockhampton is at Yeppoon on 19 March. Give some thought to going.

We will subsidise players taking part $20 to help out with the cost. We’ll start taking names next week.


Calliope v Boyne Island at Calliope

After five rounds the Calliope Division 1 Pennant team is on nine-and-a-half wins and will go into the sixth and final round of the Curtis Zone pennants with only a one-and-a-half margin lead over Boyne Island.

Boyne Island currently has eight wins but only one club Division 1 team will make it into the Curtis Zone final.

In Division 2 both Calliope and Boyne Island are on equal points, sitting on 19, as the Biloela Division 2 team sits only one win away.

Biloela v Gladstone at Biloela

Division 1 front-runner Biloela – which sits on 19.5 wins – will have the home course advantage on Sunday, 20 February when it comes up against its likely future final opponent, Gladstone.

Biloela, with its 19 wins, has cemented a place in the final which is to be played at the Gladstone Golf Club on Sunday, 21 March.

In Division 2, Gladstone will go into the final round with 14 wins against Biloela’s 18 wins.

Calliope’s Scott Gibbs is currently the leading match play player in Division 1 and will be looking for another win this weekend to cement his position as top Division 1 match play winner but he has Bilolea’s Adam Drochmann hot on his heels with three-and-a-half wins, with Steve Dietrich, Troy Lonsdale, and Dylan Parish all from Biloela further back with three wins, as is Gladstone’s Declan Corke.

Biloela’s Chuck Miles is in a strong position to take out the top Division 2 match play player in with his four-and-a-half wins as Calliope’s Hayden Armstrong and Biloela’s George Nukunuku both sit with three wins.