A stellar come and Tri day

Sharnti Woodham speeding down the road at the Rocky triathlon.

By Liam Emerton

The second annual FItzroy Frogs Rockhampton Triathlon was a running, swimming and riding success.

The Fitzroy Frogs were out in force from 6.30am on Sunday with the senior women’s triathlon, before jumping into the junior triathlons later in the morning.

The day was about giving triathlons a go and, while it was timed, the winners were everyone who competed.

The day itself, while a bit drizzly, was good weather for about 150 locals who came out to test themselves.

Event organiser and Fitzroy Frog Michelle Williamson was happy with how the day turned out.

“It was our second annual Rockhampton triathlon for women and children,” she said.

“This year we had an all abilities event as well for the disability community, which was a pilot event to see how it went.

“The weather might have scared off a few people so our numbers were down a little bit, but we had around 140 to 150 participants in the morning.

“And I think all of them finished with a smile on their face.

“Covid probably had an impact on us as well.

“It was originally scheduled for March so this was a rescheduled date but the day was just fantastic.”

WIlliamson said the feedback on the day was encouraging for future events.

“The women went first and I had a lot of them say to me that if it wasn’t for the pool or the road closures and the women-only event that they’d never give something like that a go,” she said.

“So to have such a safe and encouraging environment was great and they absolutely loved it.

“They broke out of their comfort zone and achieved something they never thought was possible.

“We then had the kids which is always a bit of organised chaos.

“They just got in and gave it a crack – it’s just great to see their smiling faces.”

The next local triathlon will be held on 7 November at the Fitzroy Frogs’ traditional home of Emu Park.

Then the Frogs will be jumping over to Tannum Sands, where the club always seems to pull a massive crowd of people.