Plants pretty in pink

Plumbago indica.

Gardening with Neil Fisher

Have you seen the spectacular pink-flowering small shade tree flowering around Central Queensland at the moment? The tree is the Tabebuia palmerii or the pink Tabebuia. This tree will grow within a short distance of the beach and in areas where many other plants would succumb to the winter cold and frost.

The pink bell-shaped flowers are truly a picture, after flowering they shed and drop to the ground to exhibit a carpet of pink. Whether you live in Emerald, Biloela, Gladstone or Rockhampton this is one exotic tree that can be planted in your garden or on your footpath and find that it will grow successfully.

When planning home gardens, it is always good to look around for those winter-flowering shrubs, groundcovers and climbers. A drive around any town in the region will reveal a floral feast of blooming plants. Especially the number of pink flowers, trees, shrubs, creepers and ground covers.

There are so many very attractive pink flowering plants in the Rockhampton Region at the moment. Last Wednesday while driving between site meetings I could not help but notice the amazing variety of pink flowering trees, shrubs and groundcovers that were in full bloom.

Azalea kurume Little Gem is a compact evergreen shrub that produces masses of rose pink blooms. It is ideal for small gardens with planted groups as a mass display of flowering colour. Azalea kurume Little Gem can also be grown as a container plant for patio settings and smaller gardens. It is best grown in a sheltered, part shade position with moist, well drained soil.

Calliandra surinamensis Pink Poodle is an evergreen large shrub with soft pink and white pom pom shaped flowers year-round, and buds like small unripe blackberries.

The Pink Poodle’s leaves are small, arranged herringbone fashion like acacia or wattle in sunlight they fold up, and in shade they flatten out to maximise photosynthesis. Calliandra surinamensis Pink Poodle is low branching making it very drought tolerant once established.

Did you know? That the Calliandra surinamensis is currently being laboratory researched for its anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties.

Gerbera bauerii Noble Flora Can Can was a hybrid developed in Bundaberg, by well-respected horticulturist, Eric Bauer and of the most significant hybrids available throughout Australia. Gerbera bauerii Noble Flora Can Can produces enormous dark pink flower heads that can reach the size of a saucer. It has a very long flowering season. This perennial plant has large green leaves and grows best in full sun with well-drained soil.

Iboza riparia or Nutmeg Bush is an attractive and compact ornamental semi deciduous shrub with spicy fragranced soft velvety grey-green foliage. During Winter and Spring masses of tiny pink mauve flowers that are borne at the end of the branches. Iboza riparia can grow to 2m in a sunny or semi-shaded position.

Pandorea jasminoides or Bower of Beauty is a vigorous evergreen twining climber with shiny dark green leaves. Throughout the year clusters of bell shaped pink flowers with maroon to mauve centres are produced. The Pandorea will attract a number of birds during flowering. It is ideal for most soils in full to filtered sun.

Plumbago indica or Pink Plumbago is an evergreen shrub with light green soft foliage. Long arching iridescent Phlox like pink flowers on spikes occur most of the year. This versatile shrub will grow up to 1.5 metres in a part shaded well-drained position. It can be grown as a formal hedging plant or as a feature in a shaded garden.    

Rosa Cecile Brunner or the Sweetheart Rose is a Polyantha Rose is a large arching shrub with soft green foliage and has few thorns.

This Rose produces large clusters of small, perfectly shaped pink blooms. The scent is sweet and slightly spicy. It is a very strong grower in Rockhampton. It was bred in France in 1881 and is referred to as a modern repeat flowering polyantha rose

These are just a few of the blooming great plants that could change your bleak drab garden into a winter wonder.