A family law specialist

Paula Phelan from Phelan Family Law.

Paula Phelan established her own boutique law firm four years ago specialising in family law.

The support from the public has been amazing.

With 24 years in the law and specialist accreditation in family law from the Queensland Law Society, she is in a great position to help you during arguably the most difficult and stressful time of your life.

“Phelan Family Law only do family law. We don’t practice in any other area,” she said.

“This way we can focus on being the very best we can be.

“We are not stuffy old school lawyers that use complex language and focus on legal process only.

“We will explain the steps we need to follow to obtain a favourable outcome in simple but precise terms.

“Let us travel with you on this journey and together we will work towards a brighter and happier future.”