Right on time for opening

The Timezone staff at their official opening.

By Liam Emerton

Rockhampton’s Timzone was bigger, brighter and better than anyone could have expected with kids and adults alike getting to enjoy our new arcade on Saturday.

The official opening, which launched at midday on Saturday, saw a packed crowd enter and enjoy themselves from the very start.

With all the classics like skee ball, basketball and racing arcade machines alongside the next generation of games like Virtual Reality, circular bumper cars and even a bowling alley, Timezone was a hit with the locals.

Timezone Queensland Operations Manager Chris Bavin was in Rockhampton for the official launch and said it was great to see so many happy locals.

“It was fantastic. The overall feedback from all the guests in Rockhampton, they really loved it,” he said.

“It was a lot bigger than we expected it to be, which is great.

It gives people something extra to do in Rockhampton now that we’re opened in the shopping centre.

“Hopefully during school holidays it’s just as busy.”

Focusing on hiring locals of different ages, Timezone had plenty of applicants from Rockhampton and brought in over 20 jobs for the local region.

“We interviewed about 180 candidates. Obviously with the size of the venue we were only able to hire 25,” said Mr Bavin.

“It’s 25 people from Rockhampton who managed to secure work.

“We’ve got people ranging from 15 to late to mid 30s, so it’s very diverse.”

Talking about the location of Timezone, Mr Bavin was pleased with the area and hoped that Timezone and other shops could work together to help each other.

“It’s a really good shopping centre to work with,” he said.

“The noise is a big factor but I did see a few parents go out and grab a coffee.

“So hopefully we can work with Gus’ coffee in the future and come up with some sort of partnership especially with our birthday parties when they go live.

“We’re going to wait till after school holidays until our team is fully trained up [before the parties will begin].

“It’s the weekend of the 9 and 10 of October is when we’re going to go live with them.”

Looking towards the next step for the local arcade, Mr Bavin hopes that the locals will just enjoy Timezone Rockhampton and create lifelong memories.

“We really do hope the locals can go in there and start creating some memorable moments,” he said.

“Nostalgia is a very powerful emotion and I still remember my first trip to Timezone when I was 17 with my dad.

“Hopefully we can create some great memories for the locals of Rockhampton.”