Country boy Dusty makes his debut

The cover art from Dusty's debut single, Show You Country.

By Matthew Pearce

If there’s ever an artist who can sing country music from experience, it’s Dusty.

From growing up near Birdsville to working as a horse breaker and managing properties throughout Queensland, Dusty has well and truly served his apprenticeship.

Released at 12am Thursday, November 12, on the iTunes Country Songs Chart, the Yeppoon singer’s first single, Show You Country, is already a hit with audiences.

“It’s going pretty strong, there’s been a lot of positive feedback on it and support from my social media platforms,” he said.

The rocking country song was recorded in Queensland and mixed and mastered in the US by Mike Stankiewicz with musicians Kosta Theodosis on drums, Tim Galloway on lead guitar, and Judd Tiziani on bass playing on the track.

Dusty wrote Show You Country in about five or 10 minutes over a couple of beers.

“I was in the rodeo scene when I was a younger fella and every time a song like that would come on at the end of the night it would always pack the dance floor out,” he said.

“I wanted to release something that would get everybody dancing and having some fun, especially after the year we’ve just had.”

Dusty’s been around music all his life – his dad and aunty are singers and his mum’s a drummer.

“I’ve lived in Broken Hill and there was no coverage out in the Simpson Desert for me to play around on phones so after work I’d just chill out and write music and play my guitar,” he said.

After years of living in the bush, Dusty was eager for a new start and Central Queensland hasn’t disappointed.

“I just moved to Yeppoon four weeks ago and it’s beautiful up here,” he said.

“It’s a bit of a lifestyle change but there are a lot of country people up and around this way. It’s the best of both worlds really, there’s a bit of the country scene and you can go to the beach when you need a break.”

The music video for Show You Country was even filmed in Rockhampton with Appleton Studios.

“The song starts with the lyrics ‘Cruising in the city with my big hat on’. Rocky’s not really a big city but it’s big enough for me,” he said.

While Covid has meant this year has been a “bit of a wipe-out”when it comes to gigs, Dusty said it had given him time to focus on his music video and he expects 2021 to be a busier year.

He said he would like to thank publicist Bec Gracie and Horseman’s Way Photography for their support.