DEALING WITH LOSS: What to do about your pets

It's important to remember your pets when planning for the future. Picture: Contributed.

Our treasured pets are much more than our friends, they’re our family.

They fill our hearts with love, our homes with joy and our lives with comfort and companionship.

But when life is unpredictable, it’s only natural to worry about what might happen to them when we’re gone or no longer able to care for them.

RSPCA offers a Home Ever After (HEA) program to ensure your pet is looked after exactly the way you would want them.

This means, should the need to rehome your pet arise, RSPCA can match their needs with someone who is able to offer them a home just like yours.

The benefits of enrolling in the HEA program are:

– Immediate care for your pet should they ever lose you

– Unique Pet Profile held on record

– Secures your pet’s future

– Your final wishes for your pet are known

– Provides you with peace of mind