Bowdens’ happy reunion

Rob Butler and Desie Bowden. Desie was the oldest member of the Bowden family in attendance at their reunion at Cocobrew Rockhampton. Photos by Matthew Pearce.

Sunday 23 July, was a great day for members of the Bowden family, who have had a long association over the years with Mount Morgan.

With the ‘Christmas in July’ theme over 70 relatives enjoyed a scrumptious lunch at Cocobrew in Rockhampton and catching up with young and old.

Family members travelled from north, south, east and west to see family they haven’t seen in years. Many a story was told.

After many years of research, a booklet has been produced about our Ancestors from when they arrived in Australia to the current generation.

This has taken many long hours of research over the years, but sharing it with family is important.

Through the generations, there have been good times and they have had their fair share of hardships. The one thing that shines through is family.

Everyone enjoyed their day and looks forward to catching up again sooner rather than later.

Thank you to Cocobrew for all your support to make this day enjoyable.