Fish traps on coast beaches

Fish trap at Cooee Bay. From the Capricorn Coast Historical Society collection.

In the past fish traps were used along our coast, including at Stanage Bay, Zilzie, Ritamada (Emu Park), Yeppoon, Mulambin, Statue Bay and Lammermoor Beach.

Though not permitted these days, the traps used to catch many fish including bream, mackerel, barramundi and salmon.

They did sometimes trap other sea creatures like crabs, prawns, squid and even dugong. Occasionally the traps would be raided by crocodiles who found an easy meal while leaving a damaged trap behind.

Remnants of the timber posts from these traps can still be seen at low tide from a few locations including north of Cooee Bay Beach and also north of Spring Head in Yeppoon.

Next month there will be two unusually low tides which may clearly expose the old stumps if conditions are right: 2 August 2 at 3.30pm (0.28m) and 31 August at 3.18pm (0.17m).

The Historical Society welcomes any fish trap photographs you could take by camera or drone on those dates.

For further details of the fish trap locations please email or phone our president Jim Goodsell on 0412 436 109. If any readers have old images of local fish traps, we would be very interested in seeing them.

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