Sea Eagle on the lookout

This White bellied Sea Eagle was spotted at the Koorana Crocodile Farm.

As I have mentioned previously, one of the great tourist attractions of our area is the Koorana Crocodile Farm.

As well as the many crocodiles on show, and a very interesting program to go with a tour, at different times, I have been fortunate to be able to photograph a number of birds that visit or are residents in the surrounding trees and waterways.

In today’s column, I am covering some of these birds.

One of the most majestic birds, often arriving at around feeding time and taking up positions either on posts or in nearby trees, is the White bellied Sea Eagle (pictured).

From their vantage points, each bird had a clear view of the lagoons as well as an ideal position to glide down to the water for any juicy morsel that was left floating on the surface.

On one particular occasion that I was there, I couldn’t have asked for better as one of the Sea Eagles landed on a post no more than 20 metres away from me.

Quite a few other Raptors frequent the area and these include the Brahmany Kite and Black Kite.

Although I didn’t get there to photograph it, on another occasion, a lovely bird, a Great Egret nested in a tree not far from the main Reception Area.

I have also seen two very brave water birds actually foraging for food at the edge of a large expanse of water which is the home for quite a number of crocodiles.

The Common Greenshank stayed on the close sand while the Striated Heron was about a metre out in the water.

Smaller birds like the Mangrove Kingfisher seemed to be permanent residents of the area.

The first eagle to move dropped in a steady glide, claws down and scooped a piece of food out of the water and soared back up into a dead tree nearby.

Several sweeps were made by different birds but what thrilled me the most was to see surveyed its surroundings which included having a good look at me as well. It must have decided that I was no threat even though I had the camera up to my eye and was snapping continuously.

After quite some time, it must have spotted some delicacy in the water because it suddenly dived down , scooped it up and headed towards the open sea.