Dealing with burn out


Burnout. It is real.

It can be so difficult to know what to do first to hit reset and recharge.

Lately, I’ve ignored a string of signs that my mind and body are rundown since being swept up in the stress storm of the fast-paced way of life.

Everything is go-go-go and it takes the emphasis away from the importance of easing off the accelerator and taking things slow, slow, slow.

It is through the bouts of burnout that the strongest messages are driven home.

Maintaining good health helps to keep a good headspace and a crucial balance in a busy life.

The moment I tossed self-care on the backburner was the moment things started wearing me down easily.

Everything felt like it was getting too much and I had deprived myself of what I needed to function properly and get things back on track.

My sleep suffered, I started stress eating, and my exercise routine ceased to exist.

With all these aspects falling apart, it was hard to fight through the heightened fatigue to even feel inspired to get it together.

Burnout impacts hobbies and creativity too.

My notebooks and laptop have been cast aside to collect dust of late.

My desire to catch up on sleep or simply zone out has overpowered my desire to reconnect with the keys and escape into my world of words; my happy place.

Well no longer.

A rejuvenated Jordie 2.0 taps this article into existence with the help of a clear mind, well-rested eyes, happy heart and inspired soul.

My extensive bout of burnout has been kicked to the curb.

I managed to find ways to build myself back up in mind, body and soul through small simple steps.

Enter the balanced routine.

I have started working on building healthy habits again, simplifying my complicated schedule, slowly reintroducing little actions and decisions into my daily life to take my power back from burnout.

I have also been counting my blessings, most being the people in my support system who have helped me through.

I have been gravitating towards learning more about myself as a person and the goals I can achieve if I put in the effort and drown out the doubts.

I have learned an important lesson from burnout. In the end, it has made me oh so determined to become so much more mindful, know when to slow down, strengthen my ability

to set boundaries and listen to my body.

So I have learned a lot that may help you if you are also experiencing burnout.

Don’t be afraid to lean in to your support network.

Take a step back for a bit to gather your thoughts, make your game plan, simplify things, and mute external noise to listen to what you truly want and need.

Whenever you’re ready, step back in, give life your all without giving too much, and know that taking a break is just as vital as ‘the hustle’.

Like dominoes, if being in a good place with health falls over, the chances of kicking major goals in ‘the hustle’ are likely to take the fall too.

I hope everyone has a great week filled with self-care, success and special moments with dear friends and family.

You got this.