Modest miracle workers

Going after their goals for their own personal development without constantly striving to gain the attention of others.

I want to focus our attention this week on the quiet achievers.

The modest individuals busy working in the background behind the ones who like to spend their time listing off all their achievements and boasting about how brilliant they are. Behind the ones who tend to dedicate more of their efforts to building themselves a pedestal instead of a platform that supports the successes of everyone.

So I want to return rightful recognition to the quiet goal-kickers, the doers, the ones with the real horsepower that the showponies like to take credit for, the people who operate with integrity, work hard in the wings, and have had to make endless difficult sacrifices without shouting it all from the rooftops.

They know their actions and achievements speak loud enough all on their own.

I truly admire the people who go after their goals with grace and can do great things simply for their own personal development without constantly striving to gain the attention of others.

It is the doers that get in and get the job done without the unnecessary drama who make the monumental difference in our community and the world beyond.

Without these legends to hold the reins steady, I’d hate to think where we’d be.

We live in a society where many have perfected the art of talking but their actions, ethics and overall performance don’t tend to reflect their words.

It’s a real shame to see the people who continue to work tirelessly and show up, despite life’s cruel unpredictable curveballs, fade away into the background while the talkers take up prime position on centre stage.

Often they are the same people who show up for recognition, constant validation, and photo opportunities but it is our modest miracle workers that selflessly set the solid foundation for not just their own, but a whole community’s success.

An example of this topic can also very easily apply to sports.

My personal favourite is the tennis world at present and seeing some of our most beloved quiet achievers celebrating some fantastic wins.

I cannot begin to describe just how much I love seeing this.

While the squeaky wheels are indeed getting the most attention, our hard workers have had their head down, silently creating their own sacred space for success and focusing on their own lane.

Turns out, this is a brilliant approach to getting to where you want to in career and in life.

To me, these are the influential icons who convey a far more valuable message to young aspiring fans over anyone who is better at making a racket than they are swinging one.

So thank you, quiet achievers, for continuing to work hard to get to where you want to be with peace and grace, and for being such wonderful role models for others along the way. Your actions speak so much louder than the words of the talkers and the powerful impact you make today will be a guiding light for others well into the future.