‘Squatter’ feeds on the ground

The Squatter Pigeon can be found solely in Queensland.

In Australia, we have a large number of birds that fit into the family of Pigeons and Doves.

These can be classed under such headings as Ground-Feeding Pigeons and Doves, and Fruit-Eating Pigeons and Doves.

A member of the Pigeon family found solely in Queensland is the Squatter Pigeon. Although still found in most of the state except for the arid inland, numbers have dwindled significantly in the southern parts.

Both male and female are alike in appearance and can be distinguished from the similar looking Partridge Pigeon by looking at the heads. The Squatter Pigeon, as the illustration shows, has white markings around the eyes and has a white strip coming back from the beak and one coming down in a curve from behind the eyes. A white patch is also on the lower face.

On the other hand, the Partridge Pigeon has a red stripe from the beak, back and around the eyes. The red has an outline of white, above and below the red.

Squatter Pigeons spend most of their time feeding on the ground.

Seeds of quite a few different types are the basis of their diet. If disturbed during their feeding, a flock is liable to take off in mass, bursting into the air or alternatively, sit on the ground and remain perfectly still.

Breeding time for these birds can be at any time of the year when conditions are suitable.

However, Spring and Summer are the most likely periods that breeding will occur.

The nest is just a scratch in the soil which may be hidden away amongst the grass or under a bush for protection.