Raising a glass to our Great Gatsby farmers

This year’s ‘Celebrating Grains’ Gala Dinner theme is Great Gatsby

With world markets upset and economies in recession, the 1920s and 30s were not an easy time for farmers, who required great resilience to survive.

As author Jonathan Brown writes in his book about ‘old school’ farming: “Some turned to new crops, with new markets emerging for sugar beet, eggs, milk and pork.

“Some used tractors and other machines to increase productivity, and the motor car and lorry opened up new possibilities for bringing produce to market.

“It was hard work whichever direction was taken, but the effects of these innovations was undeniably beneficial and the farming landscape was transformed.”

While we’ve come a long way since the prohibition era, we are no less dedicated to our industry and its ongoing progression.

Only recently we welcomed a much-needed certification scheme, aimed at helping farmers choose tools and services which protect their farm data.

The new National Farmers’ Federation initiative – which builds on existing schemes available in the United States and New Zealand – will certify products marketed to farmers to ensure they comply with the Australian Farm Data Code.

As an added bonus, an updated Version 2 of the code has also been released.

It sure is great to know that we now have a way of informing farmers and lifting industry standards.

But while we celebrate change and innovation, we also like to give a nod to the generations that have gone before us, and all that they accomplished.

That’s why when it came to choosing a theme for this year’s ‘Celebrating Grains’ Gala Dinner, Great Gatsby seemed incredibly fitting.

This much-loved annual AgForce event brings together industry participants from throughout Queensland to celebrate a vibrant and diverse industry.

This year, guests will enjoy after-dinner whisky and tequila tasting, as well as live music from Brisbane band Radio Club.

Lucky door prizes include a range of luxury accommodation packages.

If you haven’t yet got your tickets, please visit Eventbrite.

Then make sure to look out for me on the night. I’ll be dressed to the nines – eat your heart out Leonardo DiCaprio.