Metrosideros Springfire

Developing a Coastal Garden can be at the same time both a trial and at the same time very rewarding.

In most cases the further back from the Beachfront the easier it is to develop the garden.

But every now and then you might have just the right position along the Beachfront but protected from the strong winds.

This opportunity appears every now and then, and that is the time that you match that position with a plant you have selected that could be that one in a million of the species and tolerant to the conditions.

These hybrid plants when found can change gardening in that location.

That selection for that plant is never going to be as easy as just going to a nursery, looking at the label on the plant and saying this looks good.

Many of the plants recognised in gardening books and local nurseries can be complete duds in coastal conditions.

I am a great believer in looking at the surrounding area to see if others have already planted the plants or simular plants.

And these plants have been able to establish in the conditions.

Calliandra surinamensis Pink Poodle is an evergreen large shrub with soft pink and white pom pom shaped flowers year-round, and buds like small unripe blackberries.

The Pink Poodle’s leaves are small, arranged herringbone fashion like acacia or wattle in sunlight they fold up, and in shade they flatten out to maximise photosynthesis.

Calliandra surinamensis Pink Poodle is low branching making it very drought tolerant once established.

Congea tomentosa or Propeller Plant and is grown in the far north for its wintertime display of showy petal-like bracts.

Conger puts on a truly spectacular display, the whole vine almost completely covered with silver and mauve.

Even when not in bloom, this is a beautiful vine with its soft and velvety pale green foliage.

The Congea is a vine or sprawling shrub for tropical gardens usually grown on a trellis or pergola.

Gardenia Ocean Pearl is a miniature gardenia that has been promoted as growing to half a metre high, for either a sunny or partly shaded position that is protected from the wind.

Ocean Pearl has beautiful double white, perfumed flowers and is suitable for cottage gardens, flowering hedges, boarders and patio pots.

Metrosideros Springfire is an attractive and very hardy medium sized silvery-leafed evergreen shrub.

It has bright red pompom like flowers in late autumn, spring and summer.

Metrosideros Springfire likes a sunny aspect with well-drained soil and is Salt tolerant.

It is an excellent shrub for coastal areas, ideal as a hedge and can be shaped and trimmed after spring.

Plumbago zeylanica or Native Plumbago is a hardy evergreen, scrambling shade loving plant that will grow up to 1m high.

Small white to pale mauve very slightly scented, phlox-like flowers will occur almost all year round.

Plumbago zeylanica prefers a well-drained position and is suitable for shaded coastal positions but in frost tender.

Prune lightly after flowering to promote strong new growth, otherwise it may become woody.

Rhaphiolepis Springtime is a hardy hedging shrub for coastal positions.

This vigorous hybrid produces soft apple blossom pink, star shaped flowers in abundance during Spring with lighter flowering during Autumn.

Left unpruned this shrub can grow to about 1.5m high and about 1.5m across.

Rhaphiolepis Springtime will grow in a variety of soil types as long as it is sunny and not to wet.

Westringea fruiticosa or Native Rosemary is a dense small shrub with small greyish leaves.

White opened petalled flowers form along the stems during Spring and Summer.

Westringea fruiticosa requires sunny average well-drained position. It is a very hardy shrub that is resistant to drought, frost and salt spray.

Xanthostemon verticillatus or Little Penda is a rare shrub from North Queensland valued for its beautiful and lengthy floral display.

It provides a profuse display of clusters of pale lemon flowers appear most of the year.

It has a bushy habit with narrow glossy dark green leaves and prefers a sunny position for maximum flower production.

You can expect this shrub to grow 1.5m high and about 1m wide.

If you find some of these plants of interest for your garden, why not visit a local nursery.

While many of these plants may not be available all year round in most local nurseries, they should be able to be ordered from specialist nurseries for this garden.