NAIDOC WEEK: Reflection message

Kristina Hatfield and Lelarnie Hatfield. Picture: Khrysti Balanay.

NAIDOC week is not only a time for us Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to celebrate our Culture. It’s a time when we acknowledge Indigenous achievements and Black Excellence.

It is also a time to invite Non-Indigenous people to join in and learn more about our Culture and the importance of our Connection to this land on which we all live.

This year we celebrate the NAIDOC Theme “For Our Elders” by Acknowledging their work in our communities.

They are survivors, cultural knowledge keepers, teachers, leaders, and hard workers. They are people we look to for guidance and strength.

I will be honouring my Grandparents Irene and Edgar Hatfield and my Parents Trevor and Nicky Hatfield, for passing down cultural knowledge, for teaching me to work hard for the things I want and for the love and guidance they gave me every day growing up.

Yadhira NAIDOC Week Dabu