Very dry times

The dry weather is great for boaties.

After 24.2mm in April, 20.4mm in May and only 3.2mm in June.

This equates to 38 per cent below the long term average for the last 3 months.

The spindly dry looking grass tops cover most of CQ and Capricornia. The only reports of precipitation have been mostly drizzle and Short Brief Showers (about the Leichhardt) of around a millimetre.

Only reports I could dig out for the week were (mm) – Banana 5, Deacy 1, Boyne Island 1, Milton 1, Captain Creek 1,Sam Hill 0.2, Yeppoon 0.2.

HAM cities (Hobart/Adelaide/Melbourne) are experiencing their coldest winter temperatures in many years. Perisher got to minus 10 ( Ouch) and Canberra minus 7 on Wednesday. Plus a total of close to 100cm of snow for the month on the ALPS making a Winter Wonderland for all the Ski Resorts.

This is mainly due to the high pressures crossing the country just south of the Tropic of Capricorn forcing the winter westerlies with lows and fronts to brush the southern states.

The highs with calm conditions are a breeding ground for fog formation in Capricornia. This follows to mostly sunny warm days.

No wind means less waves and glass conditions for Keppel Bay so boaties GOTW – Get on the water.

I was able to enjoy this on ” Final Fling” last weekend. Also farmers beware, with the massive amounts of fuel (dry grasslands) in CQ there is some concern about an early Fire Season.

While the highs continue to roll over CQ this fire threat is real. The SOI after falling to a historical low of -20 in early June has now risen to -11 and rising.

If it rises above -8 then the threat may be less.

If it stays in the high minuses then the threat could be major.

Forewarned is forearmed. Most farmers should follow this closely.

The sad demise of the OceanGate Submersible. Makes one wonder about the 3800m depth and 375 atmospheres effect on any vehicle going that deep.


CHINA – Beijing hit 41.1C Thursday which was the highest June maximum ever recorded in the Capital. Breaking the previous record of 40.6C in 1968.

Last month Shanghai (25 million people) recorded it hottest May day in 100 years with reports of many deaths. Where is all this going?

USA – Hurricane watch as Tropical Storm ‘BRET’ closes in on the eastern Caribbean Islands. Should stay south of Cuba?

Dallas Texas a 66yo Postal Carrier died late afternoon in the 40C heat; while doing his rounds.

Baseball size hail (from a Severe Storm) pummelled the Denver Metro Thursday afternoon. Early warning may have prevented the inevitable.

INDIA – Temperatures reached 45C in northern India. Reports of 96 deaths most over 60 years of age.

ENGLAND – Rain across southern England brushed Edgbaston early last Tuesday. Starting at 6am then easing around 10am to drizzle and finishing just after 1pm with 19C temps rising to 21C.

This gave the Aussie Cricket Test team most of the afternoon (5 hours) to get 174 runs. Challenge was could they bat at 3 runs an over? With the high humidity the ball was swinging; wickets fell. But Captain Courageous Cummins (plus Lyon) toughed it out with 44 gallant individual runs to win the day. Wonder who predicted this?


As the western flank of a high passes over CQ warmer northerlies should cause low teen minimums and maximums around 29C for the weekend.

Early fog like last Friday could be the start of a sequence of fogs over the weekend into next week. Plus the chance of a magical 30C with a big call, 31/32C late week.

Boaties get out and enjoy this coming week for it may not be that good next weekend.

A Cloud band from the west shoots eastern Queensland Saturday.

Possible storms for Brisbane to Bilo. Will they reach the River City?