Foggy Friday for CQ

Woke on Friday and could not see the Berserkers. It can’t be the night before (only had one drink) – it was Foggy Friday 9mas predicted last week).

After last Friday’s near miss (fog in Northern Capricornia) Rockhampton to Yeppoon was shrouded in fog.

The visibility started to lower around 10pm the previous evening.

At the Airport it became overcast and the stars disappeared after midnight. Reports of visibility were fluctuating 5000m 11pm , 800m 2am, 6000m 3.30am. 4000m 5am, and  9000m 6am. Looked like it was going to clear then a sustained SSW 2-4 knot breeze from the lagoon plunged the town  back to 900m 7.30am and 600m at 8am. With the wind dropping to calm and rising sun heat by 9am it improved to 3900m with the overcast low cloud clearing to a brilliant sunny day. One of nature’s amazing  phenomena. The drizzle last weekend snuck into Wednesday morning.

The Deputy Headmaster at Glenmore asked if the kids were allowed to go out to play for lunch; as the Berserkers were covered with drizzle. The reply was affirmative!  Yes! It was clear.

The extra moisture combined with the calm winds aided in the fog formation. Some rainfall totals(mm) for Capricornia during the week – Byfield 18, Samuel Hill 18, Mt. Larcom 9, Pacific Height 8, Dairy Creek 7,  Marlborough 6, Hedlow 5, Yeppoon 4, Gladstone 3 ( Mon), Callide 2, Boyne Is. 1. Spoke to farmer Steve who  reported slashing prior to the Ridgelands Show caused a Grass Fire. Had another report of a fire near Bluff that burnt for a week and another east of Emerald that burnt a few hectares while slashing. Prolific grass growth over the summer has dried with the cold drier than normal May.

Has made the grassland very very dry. The SOI peaked in December at +20 has now crashed to -19 to start June. The Bureau has forecast a drier than normal Winter and Spring. This all points I fear to a dangerous bushfire season.

 I was told a story around 2019/20 of a farmer racing to put out a fire on his property. To find out his hose was rotting. Had not had to use it for a few years. Luckily old mate’s neighbour fire tender worked and the house was save. With this early info it might be time to service fire equipment. Plus carry an extinguisher when slashing.

It’s mandatory in Victoria. Even though there was 10cm at Perisher overnight.  It is a little early to call. But ! If these conditions continue into August then it could be on for young and old!? Wildfires in Canada have burnt for three weeks after a very dry and warmer than average winter/Spring; triggered by lightning strikes. Millions of hectares were burnt with the smoke reaching New York and Alabama and delaying flights in the USA. Is this a sign for the Southern Hemisphere??


CANADA – Over 100 million people are experiencing poor air quality in North America. As 150 fires near Quebec are reported as the worst on record. Cities are shrouded in orange as a red sun suggests Armageddon .The US is sending over 600 firefighters.  Many people felt headaches, cancelled holidays, outdoor cafes were empty, masks were worn in Baltimore and Zoos are closed to allow animals to go in doors. Forecasters in the US are hoping for storms associated with a low near the Great Lakes mid next week; to force the smoke back to Canada.


USA – NOAA has announced “After an abrupt end to La Nina – El Nino is here”.  Pacific Ocean Temperatures near the Equator are 0.9C above historical averages in the last three months. This should alter the jetstream and cause drier weather across the north and active storms across the southern US.


The large HIGH over Central Australia is in an early winter position. Great Weather for the Boaties! Light SSW 5 knots winds Friday tend SE around 10 knots Saturday with drizzle north of Yeppoon later.

The breeze may get slightly stronger causing coastal  drizzle late Sunday afternoon reaching Fitzroy overnight. The 12/13C minimums should be followed by 26C sunny days. Winds drop Tuesday with a chance of early fog Tuesday and Wednesday.  A trend to the NE may stimulate A tricky trough which might trigger a surprise shower near Gladstone early Wednesday. A cooler southerly tending south east may bring single figure early morning temperatures for inland Capricornia late week. Yet sunny 25C afternoons follow. See you at the Sunny Show!?