Rockin’ Robins found around Australia

The female Scarlet Robin may have some red on the breast.

In Australia, we have a lovely family of smaller birds which comes under the overall name of Robins.

In a previous column, the Yellow Robins were featured. This time, the Robins with red as a part of their plumage will be covered.

In saying that they have red colours is mainly referring to the males as the females are generally brown. The rest of the head, back and wings of the male, are generally black.

One exemption to this comment is the female Scarlet Robin pictured.

In some areas, she has some red on the breast as the illustration shows. This bird is mainly found in the more coastal regions of New South Wales and Victoria and Tasmania as well. It is also found in south-west Western Australia and Norfolk Island.

In Central Queensland, we have the Red-capped Robin whose male has a beautifully red breast and upper stomach as well as a very pretty red area on the front of its head above the beak. Its female is totally brown.

Of all the red Robins, the red-capped is the one that is the most wide-spread across the Australian continent.

We may also see in our area, the Rose Robin whose chest and part of the under-body of the male, is more of a rosy pink than bright red . Again, this female is also different shades of brown and off-white all over.

Further south of Queensland, the other eastern states are home to the Flame Robin whose bright red colour is on the front of its body from below his beak to roughly, the tail.