Another week of light yarding at CQLX

CQLX sees lighter yarding again this week with 1,039 head on offer. Picture: Supplied.

CQLX Combined agents saw another lighter yarding this week with 1039 head on offer, comprising of 471 Steers, 324 Heifers, 233 Cows, five Cows and Calves and six Bulls.

Prices stayed fairly consistent and a touch better in places on last week.

Combined Agents were met with a full panel of buyers.

This week cattle came from Bowen, St Lawrence, Byfield, Marlborough, Moura, Biloela, Baralaba, Calliope, Bororen and other local areas throughout.


P and K Richter, Byfield Sold Brangus Steers for 260c/kg weighing 604kg to return $1,571/hd

Yarralla Droughtmasters, Blackwater Sold No.2 Droughtmaster Steers for 315c/kg weighing 441kg to return $1390/hd

A and C Hinz, Dalma Sold Brangus Weaner Steers for 350c/kg weighing 287kg to return $1,005/hd

PS and DM Smith, Duaringa Sold Droughtmaster Steers for 314c/kg weighing 267kg to return $838/hd

P Hughes, Bajool Sold Brangus Weaner Steers for 368c/kg weighing 241kg to return $887/hd

Weona Trading, Baralaba Sold a run of Droughtmaster cows for 226c/kg weighing 572kg to return $1295

Wildman Partnership, Gogango Sold Brangus Weaner Heifers for 260c/kg weighing 175kg to return $455/hd

Next Gracemere Sale: Kubota Weaner and Feeder Sale will be on Monday 5th June,