Old ads and old cinemas

Another glass slide ad from the Capricorn Coast Historical Society's collection.

Len Harris built the Roxy into a major attraction through the force of his own personality and showmanship.

The show always started with a cartoon and music from Swan Lake, and as the music ended, Harris would come on stage and introduce the main attraction.

During intervals, patrons would mingle in the foyer before returning for the main movie.

The evening would conclude with a recording of “Black and White Rag”, played by Winifred Atwell, designed to get everyone moving quickly out of the theatre.

Harris operated a Hans Gertz projector that required the precise simultaneous starting of the movie and the soundtrack.

Some of his projectors are now in the Movie Museum at Buderim, Queensland.

Harris’ family lived behind the stage, and friends were frequently invited backstage after the movie for drinks, he was a sociable man.

Len Harris’ ownership of the Roxy ended in 1975 when he sold the theatre to the Baglow Family, who continued to run it until 1978.

A candy bar was quickly installed by the new owners, and it was the first cinema in Central Queensland to sell popcorn.

Long weekend Saturdays featured “Terrific Triple Features”.

This commenced at 6pm with a Rock movie (such as Crystal Voyager), then a comedy (Adventures of Barry McKenzie) and finishing at midnight with a horror movie (such as Count Yorga Vampire).

However, Council’s pressure to improve the old building resulted in the sale of the property in 1978.

The theatre was demolished and the land was sold for real estate.

The Baglows (Reg and Kevin) had already built the Kavlon Cinema on the corner block close by and the movie action simply moved next door.