Bringing art and wine together

WineBill thanks Caroline for introducing him to art and wine, which has led him to organising his first wine education class in an art gallery, the Blue Mirror Art Cafe.

Artists borrow from their culture’s colour, sights and sounds to produce truly distinctive works. Art & Champagne Ambassador, Caroline Brun has gone beyond that.

I met Caroline via a LinkedIn Wine Group Forum. And from there followed her posts to learn more about her expertise, champagne. Then Caroline started posting her art and it was obvious from the comments that followed.

I had befriended via professional networking a person with extensive qualities. Numerous individuals mostly associated with wine from all parts of the world, left positive comments about her unique form of art.

I asked Caroline how she was introduced to art? Her reply was “Thanks to a wonderful champagne, a Dom Perignon 1971 (her vintage) the emotion I had when tasting it was so enormous that I wanted to keep that emotion forever”. A wonderful introduction, then tragedy intensified it.

Not only was Caroline born in the Grand Cru village of Ay-Champagne region of Champagne, France, she had the bonus of being born into a family of champagne producers. As a young child she played hide and seek in her grandfather’s cellars at Champagne Rene Brun.

Caroline proudly claims Champagne is in her DNA, to Caroline it is a passion and sharing her knowledge of the AOC is another. “I introduce Champagne as an exceptional cultural product and contribute to spread the sparkle of the of appellation in many ways”.

Numerous visitors to the Champagne region have been lucky enough to have had Caroline as their guide and host. Her knowledge of the world-famous region is told through her heart and this deep affection has been transmitted too many as the testimonials on her website: will testify.

Caroline has been connected to wine since birth, but her association with art came later, “It was a why to find a beautiful place to blend and create wine, by describing the soul, the personality of wines’. Many people like Caroline Brun seek solace in art, Caroline through pain, a personal hell, proclaims “Art came really to save my soul”.

Caroline this self-taught artist only realised that she was an artist of note, after receiving an invitation to show her art at an Art Contest at the Wine Art Museum, Portici, Italy. When the jury announced that the winner of The Best International Artist (from over 150 entries) was Caroline Brun. “Since I consider myself as one indeed.” Caroline modestly answered my, when did you feel you could call yourself an artist?

My research uncovered the reasons Caroline won this prestigious award, are due to her using her creative voice to express the complexity, elegance and texture of wine through her abstract paintings. She is an excellent interpreter of wine, acutely attuned to all its nuances and subtleties.

Merci Caroline for introducing me to art and wine. Unfortunately, Caroline will not be able to attend my first Wine Education event at the ever so welcoming Blue Mirror Art Café, 153 Auckland Street, Gladstone on Friday 03/02. It would be great to see you there. Details and tickets will be released in next week’s Gladstone Today and CQ Today.