Cracow identity passes away

Cracow is mourning the loss of local identity Hec Waldock.

Cracow is also mourning the loss of a local identity.

Hec Waldock recently passed away after an illness.

Eric Norman Waldock is actually his real name however very few people would have known that information.

Hec was 77.

Australia Day

Cracow Pub is planning a big Australia Day.

Thong throwing, darts, pool, badminton and volleyball are some of the activities.  All topped off by a trivia competition.

The hotel has even planned a dipping pool so budgie smugglers also need to be on the list.

Cracow Pub strongly promotes bringing your swag as it’s a fair drive from anywhere.  Plenty of camping areas around Cracow.

Back to school

School starts back on the 23 January.  Locals are planning their uniforms and school books.

Shop local is the key as Theodore businesses know exactly what is needed for students.

Frequently people shop out of town, getting the wrong items.  Uniforms and back to school supplies can all be sourced locally.


Brangus Youth Camp

The Brangus Youth Camp is underway at the Theodore Showgrounds.

It is run by the Australian Brangus Cattle Association. The camp supports tomorrow’s youth in beef industry education.

It continues building platforms for future agri-leaders and grows the angus breed. The camp began on Monday and finishes off today (Wednesday).  

 Businesses change hands

There has been a lot of talk and progress around Theodore with a number of businesses being sold.

Businesses in town that are changing include the newsagency and post office.

A number of other farms and businesses are currently changing hands.

Unfortunately this time of year bureaucracy causes delays.

The local grapevine will keep locals advised and usually confused so ask the business owners.

Theodore also has a new pharmacist with Joseph taking the reins at the Theodore Chemist.