Don’t get between Crow and its food

The Crow is an aggressive bird willing to fight for any morsal of food it can find.

I think that one bird that everyone would know is the Crow.

Its loud raucous call can be most frustrating if a person is resting, doing some work that needs concentration or simply preferring quiet surroundings.

The Crow that we have in our area is called the Torresian Crow as its range goes from just below the Tropic of Capricorn, northward to the Torres Strait. There is a second Crow in Australia, which is very similar to the Torresian, named the Little Crow whose territory overlaps the other in the more arid country of the inland.

Being drier than elsewhere, the Crows tend to congregate where there is a water supply which would also include cattle troughs and the like as well as natural waterways..

The Crow is a very aggressive bird willing to fight for any morsal of food it can find even if it means tackling another bird larger than itself.

On one occasion, I saw a Kookaburra fly down to the ground to catch a large insect.

A pair of Crows who were nearby came down to fight him for it. One Crow was at his front and the other at his tail.

The battle went on for some time before one of the Crows gave up the fight and flew to a nearby fence railing. Not long after, its mate decided to join it and the Kookaburra flew up into a tree still grasping its catch in its beak.

When I was living in the bush, there were many Crows in the area constantly seeming to be squabbling with each other on top note.

At a nearby farm, a pair of Crows built their stick nest on the high platform of a windmill just below the blades.