Colourful Lorikeets found throughout Australia

The Rainbow Lorikeet is commonly found in the Central Queensland region.

Of the seven members of the Lorikeet family found in Australia, there are some which are not to be found in Queensland.

I decided to check the references to find out as much as I could about these bird not found locally.

As well as areas of the Mallee along the coastal regions of Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, the Purple-crowned Lorikeets frequent gardens, farms and fruit growers in search of nectar, and any other food they like as a delicacy.

It tends to move around a lot in search of food and water, even travelling into the interior. Like other Lorikeets, it nests in the holes in trees.

The Red-collared Lorikeet is another that is not found in our region. Its colours are not unlike the Rainbow Lorikeet (pictured) which has large numbers here in Central Queensland.

However, the Red-collared has different colours on the back of the neck and lower front. It is found in the far north of Northern Territory and Western Australia in the tropical areas.

Another Lorikeet of the far north, mainly across the top but not recorded as far south as Central Queensland, is called the Varied Lorikeet. It is generally green all over with a bright red patch on the top of its head. It is a noisy bird with similar habits to the other members of the family.

Although it may be seen in southern Queensland, the Musk Lorikeet is probably more likely to be found further south. It receives its name because it exudes a musk-like smell. It is a particularly noisy member as well.

The Lorikeets in our area are the Rainbow, the Scaly-breasted and the Little Lorikeet.