Joey scout achievement

Darcy Van Der Werff with Joey Scout Leaders Jack Roberts and Lulu Voss.

Darcy Van Der Werff of the Mount Archer Scout Group was awarded his Joey Scout Promise Award on Wednesday, 7 December.

The award is the peak award for the five to seen-year age group and was presented by Mount Archer Joey Scout Leaders Jack Roberts and Lulu Voss.

With a special badge to wear now for his entire Scout journey and a signed letter from the Joey Scout Branch Commissioner for Scouts Queensland, Nick Warwick, Darcy’s achievements were celebrated by his peers, family and Leaders.

Darcy began his Joey Scout journey at just five years old and is regarded by his fellow Scouts as a generous boy with a big heart.

The Joey Scout Promise Award comprises core competencies in Outdoor Adventure Skills, which are Bushcraft, Bushwalking and Camping.

The Milestones of a Joey Scout journey are also crucial and are achieved simply by attending Scouts consistently, helping others, assisting peers and Leaders, and leading activities.

An additional step in piecing together the achievements is to work towards individual or group interests to create, present and reflect on six Special Interest Areas, all with an effort of two hours each.

Topics include STEM and Innovation, Adventure and Sport, Art and Literature, Creating a Better World, Environment and Growth and Development.

The final component of a peak award is to take Joey Scout peers on an adventurous journey that has been planned, risk assessed, executed and reviewed.

This three-hour activity is followed by an overall review of the Joey Scout’s time in the section.

It’s no easy task, but with peer, Leader and family support, Darcy has achieved this recognition of his effort and has demonstrated his way of being respectful, doing what is right, helping other people and doing his best.