More champion photos

A Lonely Walk by Glenda Worley.

The Rockhampton Photography Club featured five of its 2022 Champion Photos in our previous article.

Now enjoy viewing the other four Champion Photos, including the 2022 Grand Champion Photo.

Masters Projected Image: A Lonely Walk by Glenda Worley

Open Mono Print: Dancing Bird of Paradise by Col Stevenson

Masters Mono Print: See the Urchin by Rex Boggs

Masters Colour Print: Heavens Above by Col Fock

And the 2022 Grand Champion Photo is … A Lonely Walk by Glenda Worley!

Congratulations, Glenda! And congratulations to the other Champion Photo winners.

When buying a Christmas present for family or a friend, a wonderful idea is to give them a new experience, rather than yet another thing, e.g. a bottle of wine.

So if any of your family or friends are interested in improving their photography, a wonderful Christmas present would be:

– a 2023 membership in the Rockhampton Photography Club, and/or

– a place in our next Photography for Beginners course, which will be held on Sunday 19 March, from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Email us at and we’ll share the details with you!