ADFAS rounds off another wonderful year

Local artist Jet James will host an illustrated presentation for ADFAS.

ADFAS Rockhampton is pleased to have been able to bring members and guests a full program of talented live Australian lecturers to speak this year after Covid disrupted the previous years.

As the year draws to a close the society will be gathering for the final 2022 meeting on Saturday, 26 November at 10.30am at St Theresa’s Church, corner of Bolsover and Albert Streets, Rockhampton.

The morning will start with our brief Annual General Meeting when, amongst other business, the 2023 Committee will be elected.

This will be followed by an illustrated presentation ‘Jet James – A Life in Printmaking’ by local artist Jet James.

For many, Jet James will need no introduction as he is one of the region’s best-known artists and can often be found at work in his art gallery at 1 Normanby Street, Yeppoon where he sells his artworks alongside those of other local artists.

Jet is a painter and printmaker and also a successful businessman and this is a wonderful opportunity to learn how he creates his multilayered artworks.

The morning will conclude with ADFAS Rockhampton’s festive traditions – a scrumptious, generous festive morning tea and, of course, the excitement of the Multidraw Raffle.

Next year will see the return of The Arts Society (UK) accredited speakers visiting ADFAS Rockhampton in person to deliver beautiful illustrated presentations on an wonderfully eclectic collection of subjects including: the story behind Pub Sign names, the most expensive art in the world, Sub-Saharan art, Australian women artists to 1980 and Andy Warhol to name but a few.

The 2023 program will start with a special treat for ballet, opera and classical music enthusiasts with the return of the highly entertaining Nigel Bates who is the music administrator of The Royal Ballet in London and who has been a performer for nearly forty years in and out of the Royal Opera House (ROH), including seventeen years as Principal Percussionist with the Orchestra.

Nigel will be giving both a lecture and ½ Interest Day on 3rd and 4th March 2023 and bookings are essential for the ½ Interest Day on 04.03.22.

The 2023 program and 2023 memberships will be available at the meeting on 26.11.22 which is free to attend and all are welcome.

Why not go along to find out more about the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society Rockhampton? Doors open 9.15am.

For more information, please see: the Rockhampton page on or the ADFAS Rockhampton page on Facebook. Email: