Logging in the 1940s

Image courtesy Norton family.

The Capricorn Coast Historical Society submitted this photo of timber logging mid-1940s.

The International truck shown here was bought second-hand in 1941 by Ken (driving the truck) and Des Norton, to haul logs cut on family properties in the Bungundarra area. Loads were carted to the Yeppoon railway yards and to Skyring’s Sawmill in Rockhampton.

The Norton family logging business began in 1913 with spotted gum, blue gum and ironbark being advertised for sale.

Over the next 40 years horse teams, axes and crosscut saws gave way to various trucks and the first chainsaw in 1947, all purchased to suit expanding operations and wet conditions.

In 1946 Ken began his own sawmilling business, with licence renewals continuing to 1980, sourcing timber from Canal Creek to Byfield.