Keppel drives past Curtis Coast

The Keppel zone have once again taken out the inter-region clash.

By Gurney Clamp

Keppel zone pennant team has once again won the Gurney Clamp inter-zone pennant shield making it three wins in a row.

The event was played in cool overcast conditions most of the day and Curtis zone showing early good form as results begin to come in.

Keppel division one team won 5.5 against Curtis 2.5 with Isaak Jensen winning 3-2 over Scott Gibbs, Tim McMasters 3-2 over Michael Power, Boyd Watts 6 to 5 over Russell

Hartley, Richie Pershose 2-1 over Adam Drochmann, Trevor Tougher 3-2 over Declan Corke with Sean Antcliff squaring his match with Blaise Ramsay, Curtis wins: Adam Mollis 2-up against Dylan Parish, Terry

Arstall 2-1 over Wylie Ince.

Curtis zone performed well in division 2 winning 4.5 against Keppel 3.5 with the winning Curtis zone winners being Greg Dunseath 6-4 over Jeff Butler, Mark Jefferies 2-1 over Jeff Ingles, Steve Griffiths 4-3 over Luke Brighton, Steve Boyer 2-1 over Laurie Chelepy with Chris Pettigrew squaring his match against Andrew Winter.

Keppel winners Steve Reid 3-2 over Norm Foster, Jim Knuth 5-4 over Corey Heslin, Elvis Miller 4-2 over Kelvin Rocscarel.

Keppel Division 3 5.5 over Curtis 2.5 with Eddie Virintas winning 4-2 over Craig Johnson, Dave Battilana 2-1over Peter Law, David Pearce 3-2 over Brian James, Harry Buchholz 3-1 over Brian Mapleton and Lawrie Kneen squaring his match against Michael Goodman-Jones with Cooper Armstrong winning 1-up for the Curtis zone against Jarred Miles and Calvin Norris 2-1 over Kylie Arstall.

In the Ladies division the top four players played scratch match play with the remaining four playing handicap match play with Keppel winning 6-2.

Sarah lacey won 7-6 over Vernetta Perrett, Lillie McGuiness 3-2 over Tracie Green, Jan Farquhar 4-2 over Shirley Clark, Bernie Antcliff 4-3 over Denise Busteed, Nadine Battilana 3-2 over Carol Collins, Keri Wilson 3-2 over Bec Hillier.

For Curtis, Sandra Davidson won 6-5 over Sarah Antcliff, Kaye Cooper 4-2 over Alicia Perkins.

The 2022 – 2023 Pennants in both zones will commence on 31 October 2022 with the inter-zone being played at the Gladstone golf club in 2023 at a date to selected and approved at the 2022 Golf CQ Bi-Annual meeting.