Rocky Cyclists excel at the AMV Track Series

Rockhampton Cyclists with Gavin Hopes ( far right) and Ronnie Hickson (far left).

By Rockhampton Cycling Club

The Anna Meares Track series provides riders with an opportunity to gain experience racing in large bunches on the wooden highly banked track before State Championships commence in December this year. Twelve riders from Rockhampton headed down to race in a weekend of two Rounds. There were a huge number of entries with 129 riders, 32 juniors and 97 senior riders. Combined B was the biggest field with 29 riders followed closely by Combined C with 26 riders. With so many riders it was not possible for all riders to compete in every race so riders were allocated races based on previous performances or experience level.

Round 3 started with the Junior riders program of Scratch, Elimination, Tempo, Progressive Points, Keirin and Italian Pursuit. Then the senior riders followed completing Pairs Flying 500, Scratch, Keirin, Points Race, Italian Pursuit, Hare and Hounds (C&D) and Handicapped or Team Tempo.

The following day Round 4 was run with the Juniors starting with a Pairs Flying 500, followed by Scratch, Tempo, Point Score and Elimination. The Senior riders had a schedule of Flying 200, Elimination, Sprint Rd1, Progressive Points (Handicapped Womens), Sprint Rd2, Progressive Points (Handicapped Mens A&B), Sprint Rd3, Tempo (Handicapped Womens), Keirin and Madison (Team).

It was a great experience for all riders, especially those who had not ridden on the Anna Meares velodrome before. For those who have watched velodrome racing or come and seen a race at the Kenrick Tucker velodrome you will be aware that most velodrome tracks are banked. The Kenrick Tucker velodrome has a banking of 37°, making it difficult, but not impossible for a person to walk from the bottom of the track to the top fence. The Anna Meares velodrome has a banking of 45°, making it impossible for a person to walk up the track and any maintenance that needs to be done on the steepest section of the track must be done with a ladder laying on the track to climb up the track.

Having the advantage of training and racing locally at the Kenrick Tucker velodrome certainly made the transition to the steeper track so much easier for Rockhampton riders. This showed in the wonderful results achieved by riders. For some riders their goal was to experience big bunch races, for others it was to test themselves against new and different riders and for others it was to achieve a personal best. All riders came away from the weekend having achieved their goal and enjoyed themselves.

The rider’s thanks go out to Gavin Hopes (Spartans Coach) and Ronnie Hickson (Mechanic) who travelled down to help all the Rockhampton riders throughout the weekend.

Results for Rockhampton Riders – AMV Round 3


Scratch – (Gp2) 1st Lachlan Hickson

Elimination -(Gp2) 11th Annalise Murray, (Gp3) 8th Lachlan Hickson

Tempo – (Gp2) 2nd Annalise Murray

Progressive Points – (Gp2) 2nd Annalise Murray, (GP3) 2nd Lachlan Hickson

Keirin – (Gp2) 1st Annalise Murray, (Gp3) 4th Lachlan Hickson

Italian Pursuit – 1st Team Annalise Murray and Lachlan Hickson


Pairs Flying 500 (All grades) – 7th Lillian Dowdle

Scratch (Women & D) – 1st Emylia Stjernqvist, 8th Victoria Smith

Scratch (C Combined) – 1st Craig Hickson, 4th Ray Smith, 7th Sebastian Buchanan, 12th Lachlan McBryde, 13th Kyle Brannigan

Keirin Heat 1 (Mens A & B) – 7th Lachlan Hallmark

Keirin Heat 5 (Combined C&D) – 3rd Lillian Dowdle

Points Race (C Combined) – 1st Lachlan McBryde, 2nd Ray Smith, 8th Sebastian Buchanan, 9th Craig Hickson, 15th Kyle Brannigan

Points Race (Womens) -1st Emylia Stjernqvist, 7th Victoria Smith

Italian Pursuit (All grades) – 6th Team of Emylia Stjernqvist, Lillian Dowdle, Victoria Smith and Renay Buchanan

Hare and Hounds (C&D Combined) – 5th Ray Smith, 7th Lachlan McBryde, 15th Sebastian Buchanan, 16th Craig Hickson, 19th Kyle Brannigan

Handicapped Tempo (Women) – 2nd Emylia Stjernqvist, 10th Renay Buchanan, 18th Victoria Smith

Results for Rockhampton Riders – AMV Round 4


Scratch – (Gp2) 2nd Annalise Murray, (Gp3)13th Lachlan Hickson

Tempo – (Gp2) 2nd Annalise Murray, (Gp3) 10th Lachlan Hickson

Point Score – (Gp2) 3rd Annalise Murray, (Gp3) 13th Lachlan Hickson

Elimination – (Gp2) 6th Lachlan Hickson, 7th Annalise Murray


Flying 200 (All grades) – 4th Lachlan Hallmark, 19th Lillian Dowdle, 27th Renay Buchanan

Elimination (C Combined) – 1st Ray Smith, 7th Lachlan McBryde, 12th Craig Hickson, 15th Sebastian Buchanan, 22nd Kyle Brannigan

Elimination (Womens & D) – 6th Lillian Dowdle, 8th Emylia Stjernqvist, 11th Victoria Smith, 18th Renay Buchanan

Sprint Rounds (Women C & D) – 1st Lillian Dowdle

Progressive Points (Combined C) – 7th Craig Hickson, 8th Lachlan McBryde, 9th Sebastian Buchanan, 16th Ray Smith, 18th Kyle Brannigan

Handicapped Progressive Points (Womens) – 6th Victoria Smith, 7th Emylia Stjernqvist

Tempo (C&D combined) – 2nd Craig Hickson, 4th Ray Smith, 6th Lachlan McBryde, 9th Kyle Brannigan

Handicapped Tempo (Womens) – 9th Emylia Stjernqvist, 13th Lillian Dowdle