buoyant moods at the Industry Forum

I am told that the mood at the 2023 Major Projects and Industry Forum held at the Frenchville Sports Club was quite buoyant on the back of projects largely funded by the former LNP Government Rookwood Weir and the Rockhampton Ring Road.

As reported in this publication around one hundred and thirty representatives of business and industry were there to hear from just over a dozen guest speakers who spoke on various topics from energy to health to regional futures.

It seems the biggest impediment to all of this, is the issue attracting skilled workers.

This was the major over arching issue confronting major projects in Central Queensland and I assume in other regions as well.

The challenge of course is getting young people interested in the professions that are so desperately needed for these major projects.

It was pointed out that many young people are unaware of the benefits of jobs with these major projects in sectors such as mining, agriculture and heavy industry.

It was pointed out by CSG that businesses need to do what they can to make careers in this sector more attractive to young people.

Meanwhile Federal Labor have turned their gaze once again to cost of living after months of looking away while they were consumed by The Voice to Parliament referendum.

In Canberra last week you could almost feel the desperation as the Albanese Government re-acquainted themselves with a cost-of-living crisis they seem unable to fix.

The Treasurer of Australia has been caught misleading Australians that they are “better off” under the Albanese Labor Government.

On 11 September Treasurer Jim Chalmers told Parliament: ‘an average full-time worker was $3,700 better off in the first year of the Albanese Government.’

However public analysis shows his figures completely ignored the impact of inflation with average full-time wages falling $2012.92 in real terms in Labor’s first year in office.

All Labor Members have repeated this misleading claim that totally ignores the painful impact inflation is having on Australians’ standard of living.

As well, inflation for employee households rose to 9.7 per cent which resulted in the purchasing power of total wages going backwards by $5,470.40 a year.

Australians cannot trust Labor on economic management.

The Federal Labor Treasurer who is always talking up his economic credentials needs to get his head in the game and make fighting inflation the Government’s priority because right now it is hard working Australians who are being left to pay the price.

Can I just quickly mention before I go this week how saddened I was to read that Mandalay Medical Centre is closing.

Like you I am worried about the doctors, the staff, and the patients.

Many of you have reached out me over the weekend and I am working on the issue.