Aldi proposed for Stockland

The proposal includes shade sails over parking spaces to the north of the supermarket building.

By Matthew Pearce

A proposal has been lodged with Rockhampton Regional Council that could see the long-awaited opening of an Aldi supermarket in North Rockhampton – this time, at the Kmart end of Stockland.

The Development Application made by The Trust Company Limited over land at 331 Yaamba Road, Park Avenue, says the applicant seeks a Development Permit for a Material Change to enable the development of a supermarket.

“The proposed development involves the construction of a standalone supermarket building located adjacent to the western elevation of the southern part of the major shopping centre building,” the report reads.

The proposed single-storey Aldi supermarket will have a gross area of 1725 square metres, with the development including a total area of 60,122 square metres and 2706 car parking spaces.

The report says the proposal will result in the removal of 123 car parking spaces, but will still still exceed the minimum 2,552 car parking space provision required by council for the premises.

The site has road frontages to Moores Creek Road, Musgrave St and High St.

“The proposed supermarket building exhibits contemporary façade materials and finishes and landscaped curtilages to create a visually interesting building,” the report reads.

“The main entry is located at the eastern building elevation, facing an open courtyard feature between the supermarket and the existing shopping centre building.

“Reconfiguration of an existing loading and servicing area north of the supermarket location is proposed to include a turn-around facility to enable vehicles servicing the supermarket to exit the

premises in a forward direction.”

Car park shade sails are proposed over parking spaces to the north of the supermarket building.

There are no changes recommended to the existing site access arrangements for the shopping centre.

The application is currently before the council.

Aldi opened their first Rockhampton store on 2 October, 2019, at 167 Gladstone Rd in Allenstown. Prior to that store’s opening, a second supermarket was proposed for the land in front of Spotlight on Yaamba Road, but the development application was appealed by Stockland in the planning court.