Big June run for MGs

MGs on display.

By Jim Armstrong, coordinator Capricorn Chapter MGCC of Qld Inc.

On Sunday, 19 June, the MG Car Club will be visiting the Belmont research station where we will be given a tour and an outline of what goes on out there as well as a rundown on the history by manager, Phil Orchard, who is a friend of one of our long-time members, Phil White.

Apparently, the research station is in for some change for the better by the CQ University so it will be good to hear first hand what is planned for the future. We will have a relaxing smoko break there before heading on out to the Caves pub where they really know how to conjure up a hearty Sunday lunch. After lunch we will head on up to Canal Creek to where a tragically a DC-3 plane crash occurred killing many American servicemen during World War 11.

Our Friday evening dinner this month wasn’t that well attended due to a number of circumstances however those who did attend had an enjoyable time will good Aussie style pub food by the Taranganba Tavern.

Our September, MGCC of Qld inc., All Queensland Chapter Meeting, is steadily ramping up with numbers and registrations numbers are increasing each week.

With numbers now over half of what we expect this weekend is promising to be really enjoyable, so come on down to the Glenmore High School on Saturday Morning on 24 September and have a look at many different MG’s and other interesting marques owned by MGCC members from around our great state.

Have your vote on the car you deem most popular.

Entrance is by way of a gold coin donation with proceeds going to the Glenmore P&C.

We have two major sponsors who have got behind us, the Rockhampton Auto Group who are the agents for new popular MGs in the district and Peter Delaney, Your Local Realty whose company is opening up land around the Kinka Beach area.

Peter is also a motoring enthusiast who has a Variety Bash car and will be participating in the Variety Bash from Winton to Yeppoon in August. We are both pleased and proud to have these companies on board with us so please support them where ever you can.