Rabbit’s epic journey

Natalie is very happy to have her Rabbit home

By Trish Bowman

After 16 months and having grieved profusely for the loss of her family dog ‘Rabbit,’ Yvonne Brauer from the Sunshine Coast was utterly stunned to get a call from Yeppoon pound two weeks ago to discover Rabbit had been found safe and alive.

Yvonne said the question remains as to how a little Jack Russell Fox Terrier cross, who was last seen at Deepwater near Agnes Waters, found her way to Yeppoon.

“Rabbit is a very sweet little dog, she would talk to anyone but at 16 years old and with hearing loss getting worse by the year, she wasn’t prone to wandering far,” Yvonne said.

“I do not know how she could travel that far on her own through huge stretches of bush land, dodging wild animals and trying to find food and water.

“I hate to think of the difficulties and the fear she must have experienced. She would have missed her family and her blanket without which she will not sleep.

“We would love to hear from anyone that met and helped Rabbit during her 16 months on the road, because surely, she could not have survived on her own.

“She was very thin and looked a bit worse for wear when we collected her, but she is alive and safe at home now.

“When she was taken to the veterinary, she had a collar on that looked relatively new and dark blue marker pen spot on top of her head.

“We don’t know how that would get there unless she was with a family who had children.

“It has cost around $1000 in veterinary costs to improve her health and fix her teeth, but it was worth every cent to have her back again with her family who love her.

“Rabbit was microchipped and had a distinctive mole on her chest, so she clearly hasn’t seen a vet since she went missing otherwise, we would have been notified.”

When Rabbit was reported missing, the family assumed her dead and when she did not return, the family grieved the loss of her sweet little soul.

Yvonne said her stepdaughter Natalie was terribly hurt by the loss, so much so that she pined for a new puppy to fill the huge hole left by Rabbits loss.

“As it turned out, Rabbit came home on Natalie’s 15th birthday to many tears, laughing and lots of hugs,” she said.

“She is settled back in now and starting to look a little better after two weeks of intensive love from her family. We are so grateful to have her home with us where she is safe and cared for.

“We believe there must have been people helping her along the way and we would love to piece together the story of Rabbits epic journey.”

Rabbit was on holiday with a family member who was visiting a friend on a 40-acre bushland property at Deepwater when she went missing.

A mutual friend thought they had seen her being walked on a lead at Agnes Waters about two weeks later, but no further sightings were reported despite multiple social media posts and enquiries to locate Rabbit.

If you came across Rabbit in her travels, or helped her in some small way, please email trish.bowman@cqtoday.com.au with details so we can pass them on to the family.