Rolling into week two

Data from the first week shows that E-Scooters have had a busy start. Picture supplied.

By Khrysti Balanay

It has officially been a week since the official launch of the Neuron E-Scooters last Thursday, and residents have been seen riding them around town.

Upon the initial launch, Rockhampton Region Mayor Tony Williams said that the E-Scooters would open up the city and allow more residents to experience all that Rockhampton has to offer.

Neuron has confirmed that Rockhampton residents have taken close to 10,000 rides during the first week since the launch.

“The average E-Scooter journey is 2.9km, with Kershaw Gardens proving to be one of the most popular places for people to start and end their ride,“ a spokesperson from Neuron said.

“The 2nd World War Memorial Aquatic Centre and Denham Street are also proving to be popular start and end locations, with many riders choosing to travel around the City Centre.

“Overwhelmingly, we have had positive feedback and support from those that have taken a trip.“

Executive Manager of Advance Rockhampton, Greg Bowden, said they are “thrilled with the community response to Neuron’s launch in Rockhampton.“

“Already, we see increased activity across the city, with the e-scooters proving to be popular across all of the precincts covered by the ride zones.

“With the increase in people moving across the city, retail, hospitality and entertainment venues should start to see the benefits of e-mobility.“

With the increased E-Scooter traffic, Neuron wants to ensure riders follow the rules and safety guidelines.

“Safety is at the heart of everything we do,“ a spokesperson said.

“Neuron’s distinctive safety orange E-scooters offer a range of world-first safety features and pioneering innovation including the world’s first app-controlled Helmet Lock which secures a safety helmet to the E-scooter, electronically releasing it to use at the start of the booking.

“Other safety features include “Follow My Ride“, which allows riders to share their trip with friends and family in real-time for added safety and peace of mind; and a 000 emergency button which can tell if someone has had a fall, then help them call the emergency services.

“A topple detection feature will alert Neuron’s operations team if an E-scooter has been left on its side so it can be repositioned.

“Geofencing technology also controls where E-scooters are ridden and parked, and how fast they can travel in certain areas.“

Riding rules and safety guidelines for Queensland

Neuron riders must be 18 years old and above.

E-scooters can be ridden on footpaths, shared paths, and low-speed roads with a speed limit of less than 50km/h and no dividing line.

E-scooters cannot be ridden on on-road bicycle lanes.

Only one rider allowed per e-scooter, and no tandem riding with children

Wearing a helmet is mandatory, there is one on every E-scooter

Maintain a safe distance between riders and pedestrians

Give way to pedestrians and mobility devices (such as wheelchairs) at all times.

Do not ride under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.

Park responsibly, don’t obstruct access areas, don’t park too close to a junction.