Letters to the Editor

Alan Bambrick has had enough of PM Scott Morrison.

Frustrating government

How many more stuff-ups will we see before we get rid of the inept Morrison-Joyce government?

. At the onset of Covid-19, many months delay in making vaccinations available? People died!

. No attempt to build new quarantine facilities. Huge negative economic consequences.

. Australians promised that they would be home by Xmas 2020 but still overseas.

. At 5 January 2022, 1300 aged care inmates given a booster shot, 1500 still waiting.

. Until recently, Rapid antigen tests having to be paid for, who misses out? The disadvantaged, that’s who.

. Right now, tens of thousands queued up waiting for a Rapid Antigen Test, and every day thousands turned away

The Morrison-Joyce government repeatedly claims that they are superior economic managers. How is it good economic management to have thousands of able-bodied citizens sitting in their cars for hours at a time, doing nothing? And then having to repeat the exercise day after day?

To add insult to injury, the government has handed some of this testing to private providers who chose to close down over the Xmas-New Year period.

Morrison-Joyce are obsessed in handing over government (your) money to private interests, and because of that, the public miss out on these tests.

No wonder people are getting angrier and angrier about being denied these tests, on top of the worry of possible infection.

Alan Bambrick

North Rockhampton

Not another ‘politician’s republic’

In 1998 I was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention held in Canberra to discuss an Australian republic elected on the ticket of the former Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Clem Jones, who advocated for an Australian head of state directly elected by voters in a national ballot.

After the 10-day Convention – which spent little time considering a model for a republic and too much time on futile monarchy-versus-republic debates – a model sponsored by the Australian Republic Movement emerged that proposed our head of state be chosen by a two-thirds vote of federal parliament.

It failed to secure majority support even among Convention delegates with 73 voting in favour of it, 57 voting against, and 22 abstaining. It was soon labelled “the politician’s republic” and predictably defeated at the 1999 referendum.

After two decades the ARM has released its “new” model which unfortunately echoes the rejected “politicians’ republic” by offering voters only a pool of candidates chosen for them by federal and state parliaments.

Once again it has already been dismissed in predictable attacks by constitutional monarchists with one reported as saying the ARM model gives Australians “no choice” over their head of state “as only politicians will decide on the candidates”.

The Real Republic Australia, which Clem Jones initiated and which since his 2007 death continues campaigning for a genuine directly elected head of state, wants to see as little involvement as possible by politicians in choosing our head of state.

The ARM is entitled to put forward its model, but they do not have a monopoly on ideas. In coming months the Real Republic Australia will release a discussion paper seeking feedback on our model.

In the end, no pro-republic group should expect to mandate the model put to a referendum.

That’s why we want the next federal government to hold a national plebiscite asking Australians if they want a republic and also asking them to choose from a shortlist of models.

Whatever model is chosen in that plebiscite should be the one that goes forward at a future referendum to formally change our Constitution so that we become a republic.

In that way the final model we vote on will not belong to the ARM or the Real Republic Australia, it will be the Australian people’s model.

David Muir AM

chair, Real Republic Australia