Floods and myna birds

Indian Myna Birds have invaded Theodore.

Theodore update with Paul and Denise Fowkes from Theodore News

Theodore is used to the flooding. The current 12m flood level doesn’t raise a concern for seasoned locals. Good local knowledge does not reflect the methodology adopted by the government and councils for non-local travelers.

For the first time in close to 16 years the Theodore Newsagency could not open as we were trapped in Toowoomba. This being due from the lack accessible information for the shires between Toowoomba and Banana.

Enroute from Toowoomba to Theodore via Chinchilla to Mundubbera – the road was cut 20k out. Travelers are just being caught out and placed into awkward positions.

That was close on 400km round trip of wasted time and fuel. On this route there was no updated information or relevant road signs. Even at a major crossroads at Durong there was no signage.

For mobile users Google maps and other electronic mapping is also not the answer – the screen is just not big enough for users to see the whole picture. This is especially the case with the Main Roads system the maps etc are not mobile friendly a larger screen is required. The updates seem are not frequent enough often 24 hours out of date. Social media is good but often limited to local access to the relevant pages. This has its shortcomings with old and misinformation. Seems everyone on social media is a flood expert.

The current websites including the RACQ are pretty useless. Given the flood prone roads are well known why they are simply not on one specific web site is a question no one can answer.

Calling the local service station is not the answer as one group of service stations has a call centre in overseas. Police link is 99% useless as the operators have no local knowledge and they do not put you through to the local station. Signage is another issue.

The large main roads signs are pretty good with the simple messages Open, Caution or Closed. But as social media has pointed out very often wrong. They need to be controlled locally not by some bureaucrat in an ivory tower in Brisbane. The issue there is that there is not enough of them and more importantly why are just on main roads.

Myna bird update

Recently we reported on the Indian Myna. The invasive pest bird species which has potential to severely impact on native species is becoming a common sight. Many locals commenting since the story was released.

In short the Banana shire council is not going to act on this issue. The reply from the council was, “Council has an established Biosecurity Plan for the control of pest animals and invasive plants throughout the Shire. Presently, the Indian Myna bird has not been declared as a prohibited or restricted invasive animal under Queensland’s Biosecurity Act 2014. This means that Council are not obligated to control the Indian mynas, and currently not proposing to establish a control program. However, Council acknowledge their general biosecurity obligation and will continue to monitor the impact of these birds and take appropriate action if deemed necessary in the future.”

Our reply was Banana should lead by example, there are a lot of crop and wildlife at stake in the area. Here in Theodore there is a lot of interest and concern.

They have been told.

Look for another Theodore Update in Saturday’s paper.