Brad Butcher announces new single

Brad Butcher announces new single.

Jackie Dobson

Local musician, Brad Butcher, is pleased to announce the release of his new single, Cutting Peoples Grass, on November 5.

Mr Butcher said after what feels like a lengthy hiatus it gives him enormous pleasure to announce brand new music is coming.

“Cutting Peoples Grass is a tongue-in-cheek touch on this new Covid-19 reality we live in,” he said.

“I had hoped it would be a passing thing, but the music industry is still heavily impacted by the endless restrictions that artists, venues and festivals are dealt with.”

Mr Butcher said he found himself mowing lawns to make ends meet for the most of 2020.

“This track is much a reality check as it is an attempt to put a smile on your face.”

Mr Butcher said he thinks the music industry is looking good for the foreseeable future, particularly with rising vaccination rates.

“We’re starting to see things open up and continue to open up, which means more musicians can travel across borders, interstate,” he said.

“I know a lot of my friends in Victoria and News South Wales have been cooped up for far too long, so hopefully they can get out soon and play some shows.

“I also hope that the people who enjoy coming to gigs feel confident enough to come out, support us and enjoy them once again.

“Personally, for a while there, it felt like the whole thing had stopped and the last ten years of work had gone.

“I’d love to get people to jump back on the band-wagon and support music, a lot of people have been struggling so the purchase of a ticket to a show or merchandise will go a long way.”

Mr Butcher said he will be joining the line-up at the Groundwater Country Festival in November and Tamworth Country Music Festival in January.

“With the single being released on November 5, we’re currently working on a tour on the back of Tamworth next year,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to hitting the road and spreading the word about the new music I am working on.”

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