Showcase of local talent

Columnist Jordie Lynch is proud of everyone involved in the Rockhampton production of Mamma Mia!

By Jordie Lynch

Mamma Mia, can I go again? My my…

I am still so blown away by the monumental level of talent we get to showcase and celebrate in our little corner of the world.

Armed with my unconditional adoration for ABBA and immense appreciation for our local talent, I went along last month to see the show that has had tongues wagging since it hit the stage.

The set flaunted that beautiful blend of crisp white and mesmerising ocean blue which instantly transported me to the gorgeous Greek isles.

The cast was of world-class quality and I feel an overwhelming sense of pride that we got to witness this sensational story unfold on our local stage with our homegrown stars to tell it. It was extra special to see some familiar faces from Emmaus and uni bringing the theatre to life.

Every line was delivered with love and care, every movement was made with passion and precision and every scene unfolded so beautifully.

Whilst I absolutely adored the movie, I can wholeheartedly say this production has captured top spot in my books.

The songs, the dances, the pops of colour in every scene, the cheeky innuendo scattered throughout the script along with the palpable cast-community appreciation for Mamma Mia! combined to create one hell of a production. It was highly anticipated and heartily executed.

I felt immensely proud of every passionate and creative individual involved on the stage and behind the scenes. I want to pass on a massive congratulations to the creative and production teams, principals, ensemble, band, Rockhampton Regional Council and Friends of the Theatre who banded together to make this extraordinary event possible.

This was a wonderful experience that brought our community so much joy in what has been some very trying times. I feel it has brought many of us closer, given us something to connect to, and encouraged us to dust off our ABBA tunes and embrace its power in our lives.

To all involved, I want to pass on my sincerest thank you for all your hard work that made this show possible and in reference to our beloved ABBA, thank-you for the music.