Bronwyn Laverty-Young

Bronwyn Laverty-Young.

Bronwyn Laverty-Young is something of a wildcard candidate in this campaign. She’s a dump truck operator and emergency mines rescuer who works 12-and-a-half hour shifts and her reasons for running are simple: she loves the Rockhampton region and wants to help its people prosper.

She grew up in Gracemere and has lived in the region all her life. She lives at present in the Alton Downs area with her husband and grown children. Prior to working in the mines, Ms Laverty-Young trained as an apprentice motor mechanic and worked as a primary school teacher.

In a campaign document released to CQ Today, Ms Laverty-Young pledged to:

• Build Rockhampton: Promote Rockhampton as a great tourist destination and place to live is something I would like to further develop.

• Back Businesses: Create job opportunities by collaborating with industries, small businesses, and our farming community in our region while working with different agencies and engaging and collaborating with our multicultural and indigenous communities to help our unemployed and young job seekers return to and start their working journeys.

• Support Jobs: Rockhampton is uniquely positioned to take advantage of and promote, remote workers (working from home) with this way of working having become a viable and cost effective way for companies to operate and diversify their working environment.

• Grow our Region: Approximately a one-hour flight from Brisbane, where going to meetings or for leisure is achievable, not far from great beaches, surrounding historical towns to explore and being a more affordable place to live compared to the big cities.

Ms Laverty-Young is committed to collaborative working relationships across all sectors of the community.

“I know as a community we could work together to achieve great outcomes for the region,” she said.

Voters have a choice with Ms Laverty-Young to elect a long-shot candidate whose work experience suggests a tough and resilient character.