Safe, secure and affordable homes for all Queenslanders

    Darren McMullen and Brittany Lauga at the opening of the new social housing development in Yeppoon last week.

    The bold new Homes for Queenslander Plan has recently been announced by the Miles Labor Government.

    This plan marks the biggest investment in housing supply and homelessness support services in the Queensland’s history, tackling national cost of living pressures.

    The Plan is built on five key pillars:

    Pillar 1: Building more Homes Faster

    Homes for Queenslanders reforms the planning system to increase house supply. Government will deliver one million new homes putting downward pressure on housing prices.

    Backed with more than $3 billion of additional investment, Queenslanders will see a generation’s worth of secure construction jobs and ensure that Queenslanders can afford to live and work in the community that they love.

    Pillar 2: Supporting Renters

    The Queensland government will provide extra relief for Queensland renters through a $160 million investment in a Renters Relief Package over five years. Government will further bolster protections to make it fairer, safer, and easier to find, get and keep a rental by:

     Banning rent bidding and enforcing penalties against real estate agents who engage or

    encourage these practices.

     Establishing a portable bond scheme allowing tenants to transfer their bonds when relocating from one rental property to another.

     Introducing a Bridging Bond Loan product to assist households to afford the upfront cost of a new bond, pending release of their old bond while the portable bond scheme is established.

     Doubling the number of specialist customer service staff in the state’s 21 Housing Service Centre

    Pillar 3: Helping first homeowners into the market

    Government will help aspiring buyers to get a foothold on the property by doubling the First Homeowner Grant to $30,000 for eligible first home buyers.

    In a two-year trial government will increase the income eligibility threshold for the Queensland Housing Finance Loan to $201,000 per year to make it easier for people to stay in country areas close to their families, jobs, and

    community connections.

    Pillar 4: Boosting the social housing Big Build

    The Miles Labor Government has committed to the biggest expansion of social housing construction since the post World War II reconstruction. Social Housing Big Build will invest $1.25 billion of additional funding to deliver more than 53,000 new social homes in Queensland.

    Pillar 5: Working towards ending homelessness

    Government is taking care of Queenslanders who have fallen through the cracks, with a record increase in funding for homelessness services to:

     Expand the homelessness critical response team to every region from this month.

     Help organisations who support Queenslanders experiencing homelessness with a 20 per cent increase for the next 18 months as part of an almost $390 million increase in funding for homelessness support.

     Funding and supporting a two-worker model for six after-hours Specialist Homelessness

    Services to make sure there are more people working on the coalface.

    With housing and rental costs under pressure, Homes for Queenslanders is about doing the right thing to help Queenslanders live and work in the communities they love.