Summer bird magnets

    Grevillea Yamba Sunshine.

    Have you noticed more birds in the garden of late?

    In recent weeks I have just loved watching the many birds that have been coming into my garden.

    The morning of New Years Day I thought I would have my early morning cuppa outside and watch and listen to the abundant Bird life coming down from the mountains.

    I was surprised be just the variety and what plants were attracting these birds.

    There are literally hundreds of plants available to the home gardener these days that will attract large numbers of birds.

    For most people, this would immediately bring to mind a variety of plants such as the nectar-laden Bottlebrushes or one of my favourites the Grevillea.

    There could not be a more perfect plant species to create a protective bird haven in your own back yard.

    A question always asked is what the best Grevilleas are for a Summer flowering garden to attract birds to the garden.

    I have been taking particular notice of the array of flowering Grevilleas flowering in local gardens at the moment.

    Would you believe there are almost 400 distinct species as well as numerous cultivars and hybrids, Grevilleas have become one of the most popular in gardens throughout Australia.

    The following are some of the showy flowering Grevilleas I have seen in full flower over the last few weeks.

    Grevillea Blood Orange is a showy fast growing medium shrub with deeply divided dark green foliage.

    Very dark orange brush like flowers will occur all year round that are very bird attractive.

    It will grow between 2m and 3m high and up to 2m across is a sunny well-drained position.

    This hardy shrub will tolerate coastal winds and extended periods of dry weather and still produce an attractive floral display.

    Grevillea Bulli Beauty is a medium-sized shrub with fern-like dense foliage.

    A profusion of beautiful large pink flowers are produced all year round. Grevillea Bulli Beauty is now an important plant in the cut flowers industry.

    I have seen only a few Grevillea Bulli Beauty’s growing in local gardens but in this Frenchville garden it was a picture.

    This hybrid is cross of two very hardy and well known Grevilleas, Grevillea Moonlight and Pink Surprise. Grevillea Bulli Beauty should grow 2.5m high and 1.5m across in a sunny well drained position.

    Grevillea Caloundra Gem is a medium to tall shrub with finely divided leaves.

    Showy large pale pink brush like flowers will appear most of the year attracting Nectar-eating Birds, Native Bees, and Butterflies to the garden.

    It is rapid growing and hardy for a full sun positions with well-drained soils.

    This tough Grevillea will grow up to 4m and thrive in most garden and will tolerate drought and frost. Grevillea Caloundra Gem is hybrid cross of Grevillea banksia and Grevillea Coochin Hills.

    Grevillea Just Peachy is a very stunning evergreen tall shrub growing between 3m and 5m high.

    Throughout of the year large, peach-pink brush like flowers will be produced in mass.

    These flowers are attractive to both birds and insects life.

    This was one of a few Grevilleas growing in a garden on the Capricorn Coast that caught my eye. It is drought hardy once established and moderately frost and wind tolerant.

    Grevillea Starfire is a prolific flowering tall shrub with fine silvery foliage and graceful, fern-like foliage.

    Brush-like flowers are produced throughout the year and most abundant from November to April.

    On opening the flowers are a coppery brown but the colour quickly changes to a bright red.

    The flowers are attractive to a wide range of parrots and honeyeaters, but can be used for fresh cut flowers holding well in a vase. Grevillea Starfire seems like the conditions in Gracemere very well.

    It will grow to 3m high if unpruned in most well-drained position soils and is frost hardy and drought tolerant.

    Grevillea Yamba Sunshine is a hardy evergreen shrub with fern-like green foliage.

    Masses of large bird attracting soft yellow brush flowers will cover the plant from Autumn to Spring.

    I was surprised to see a Grevillea Yamba Sunshine flowering in mass in a Gracemere garden last week.

    This hardy grevillea will grow to approximately 3m high and 2m across and should thrive in any garden and will tolerate drought and light frost.

    It is believed to be a hybrid between Grevillea Sandra Gordon and Grevillea Honey Gem.

    All of these Grevilleas would well make a spectacular specimen, so check with your local nursery now.